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    More Interesting & Important OUYA Threads

    This thread is meant as an index for interesting and important OUYA threads on this forum. We will add to this list. Most of these threads are those that will continuously be updated, and are meant to prevent multiple posts about the same thing. One of the reason for creating this thread is to reduce the amount of sticky threads:

    - All Games & Applications Currently Available
    - Answers From Game Studios on if their games will be on OUYA!
    - The Official OUYA Username List - Add yours here
    - List Of Side-Loadable Games & Applications
    - List of Confirmed Games for the OUYA
    - List of Controllers that work with OUYA
    - OUYA Game DRM Model Info
    - OUYA Games that Support PS3/XBOX Controllers
    - USB Issues and USB Driver Info on the OUYA
    - How Far The Console's Firmware Has Come.
    - Victories Worse Than Defeat
    - OUYA Developers Office Hours All In One Thread

    Please feel free to suggest any additions.

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    Well, I'm not trying to toot my own horn but i think it's something users might find of interest.

    Game DRM Model Info

    Speaking of which, don't you have a game on the OUYA store? If so you may want to chime in with the name and what kind of DRM you are implementing
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    Very nice!
    Added to the list
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    This thread is useful to those having USB issues:
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    Just added to the list:
    - RetroArch Compatibility Thread
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