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    Is this gamepad for ouya

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    I don't think so Unai. Most usb controllers that support Xinput don't work 1:1 with the ouya controller. I just bought a PowerA Pro Ex and it does not match up. All the buttons are mixed up and only about half of the games picked it up.

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    That power pro A looks pretty solid, shame it doesn't match up.

    Has anyone tried the 8bitdo Bluetooth NES controllers?

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    Playstation Move Navigation can't pair without root?
    I've searched the thread but found nothing about move, only about sisaxis.

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    I can confirm thar Xiaomi Gamepad working very fine in OUYA there is a pity that not support vibration for their games for use in controller with vibration.

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    Can, and how do, I connect the Razer controller to the Ouya?

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