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    The Purpose of this folder

    The purpose of this folder is for OUYA developers, artists, programmers, marketers, etc to come together and find others to team up with them to make an app or game.

    For example, you might be a really good artist, but have no idea how to program. Or perhaps you are a really good marketer, but can't make a game.

    In order to use this folder, please create a new thread with a brief description of the app/game you are looking to create as well as what type of help you need.

    OUYAForum is not responsible for any issues that may arise from you putting together a team to develop an App or Game. This is just a discussion forum for you to find people to work with.

    Please leave any feedback/suggestions on how to make this folder better in this thread.

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    I love this idea. I have experience organizing projects and managing teams. I've done design on smaller projects and production on a couple of really interesting projects.

    I would love the opportunity to meet some like minded developers and from a team.
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    And that's where things get dangerous.

    @JuanCarlos: I strongly suggest you develop some "hard skills" yourself. Everyone has ideas (most of them suck, but everyone has them); not everyone can program, create 3d models, animate, compose music, etc. It's great that you want to get involved in game development, but if you do, then get involved in game development. Find an aspect of the industry that you really love and become great at it. Then, and only then, will you be a member of the gaming industry.

    Forums that become filled with idea-men lead to trolling and flame wars which can really mar a community and leave a bad impression on newcomers. Don't get me wrong; I think this is a great addition to the forum. I just hope it remains useful.

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    Phillip I have worked in game development. And I would consider Game design and project management "hard skills." I think you started responding before you full read my post.


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