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    Vendetta Online - Guild Software

    Hi everyone. We're very happy to have brought our long-running space MMORPG title "Vendetta Online" to the OUYA! We hope you all enjoy it. You can expect ongoing patches, changes and improvements as we move forward, as our game has been constantly evolving since it first debuted online in 2002.


    - A massive galaxy of over 7,000 sectors.
    - "Twitch" skill-based combat model; all combat is real-time.
    - A single game universe for all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, OUYA, and soon iOS. Seamless transition from one platform to another, all accounts work on all platforms.
    - Trade between stations in the dynamic economy.
    - Mine and prospect for ores and minerals and..
    - Use them to manufacture (craft) new items, even up to player-owned Capital Ships.
    - Capships and some fighters are multi-player (one person as pilot, others controlling turrets).
    - Join the military and take part in large space battles.
    - Battle with other players over conquerable stations.
    - Take on the dynamic Hives, make the galaxy a safer place for everyone.
    - And much more..

    I'll try to check out this thread when I can, but if anyone has any serious problems, please post them to the Bugs forum on our own site, For more general discussion (not bug reports) specific to the OUYA version, please post to our Android forum. If you have a serious issue that requires privacy of contact, then submit a Support Ticket under your game account (make sure your email address is current and correct in your game account, so you'll see responses).

    We are a very tiny indie team of four people (and have been throughout the 15-year creation of this game), so please have patience if it takes us a day or so to respond on any issues. Hopefully there won't be many, but any new platform has its challenges, especially with a game of our scale.

    Billing Caveats:

    - We are currently a subscription model game. We're actively moving towards offering a hybrid free-to-play layer, but this isn't ready yet. For the moment, we have a level-capped "Lite" subscription offered via the Android Play Store for $1/month, and also unlimited "Premium" subscriptions on our website for $9.99/month (down to $6.70/month in larger blocks of time).
    - We do not have OUYA billing integrated as of yet; we're currently awaiting an updated version of the OUYA billing API. For the moment, you may use an Android phone or tablet to subscribe in Lite Mode via the Play Store (also the iPad shortly), or the game website for a full premium subscription. All accounts are unified across all platforms, so subscribing via another platform will work for all platforms, including OUYA. The OUYA team is aware of our billing API challenges, and we'll be providing an OUYA-integrated solution as soon as we can.

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    Wow, I must say this game looks amazing. I love the graphics!
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    Have played the version for Ubuntu before, can you keep the graphics quality for Ouya?

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    Well this is now officially the best looking game on the OUYA roster so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by user82 View Post

    Have played the version for Ubuntu before, can you keep the graphics quality for Ouya?
    Yes, it looks pretty cool on OUYA. We had been working with NVIDIA on the Tegra family of chips going back to the launch of Tegra2, and we added graphical enhancements for Tegra3 when that was released as well. So, we brought over those same well-proven settings to OUYA (which also uses Tegra3).

    It is not 100% of the PC graphics, but it's pretty close.

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    The video seems "generic", not from the OUYA version...
    we will see the "seamless transition" between platforms. From what I see, it's a promising game

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    So is this kind of like EVE? I've heard good things about that, but it always seemed crazy-deep and off-putting. Also, aren't all OUYA games required to have some kind of free trial? How are you guys getting around that?

    P.S. In case you were curious, you were Kickstarter backer number 616 for OUYA. Thank you for believing.

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    Glad to hear this is coming to Ouya, haven't gotten round to playing it on PC yet. How much is it like Eve? I know Eve doesn't let you pilot directly, so is more strategy like in combat, but I mean the market system/persistence/story/teamwork etc?

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    God damn! This game looks so cool!
    I'm definitely gonna have to pick this up in June

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    Can you get us some gameplay footage from the OUYA?

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