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Thread: Boston bombs

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiotingSpectre View Post
    You and me both, pal. I can't understand anything that goes on in the below twenty age crowd. Despite the fact that I am also female, I'd never give this monster any sort of affection or sympathy.

    You ever play Diablo 2?
    Absolutely, Still do play both that and the original Diablo, which I still have the original discs and expansion packs for (complete with Product codes). great games, in fact Diablo 1 & 2 was the first and only "online" games I've ever played. (used to play Diablo 1 with a female friend in Australia that I was kinda crushing on at the time.)

    It's sad to know that future games won't have this kind of forward playability even if you own the system they were released for.
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    This is very sad, many children didn't get to live their lives. :/


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