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Thread: Mame on ouya?

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    Mame on ouya?


    Anybody heard anything about a mame and / or a playstation 1 emulator on the ouya?

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    ePSXe runs fairly well on Android and has been shown to run well on Ouya already via sideloading the .apk. I tweeted the ePSXe team and they indicated they were interested in an official Ouya version but I guess they need an actual console first

    As for MAME, I don't know, sorry

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    aa thx for answer, is it hard to map the buttons on the ouya controller for sideloading ePSXe?
    Im sure Mame is just a matter of time =)

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    If Mame4Droid works on Ouya then that'll be great.

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    Can someone find out their twitter account to write them a message to release it for OUYA? I only found this page:

    Just got an e-mail from the developer, he says:

    "I would like, but I don't have the hw to develop with. I have contacted with ouya team but they don't lend me a free device. "

    So who is gonna buy him an OUYA??
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    Re: Mame and ps1 on ouya?

    Side loading should work, unless Ouya went out of their way to make things like that difficult. I use Mame4droid a lot with just a controller and no touch interface with the S3, Excite 7.7 and TF300.

    Same for FPSe and Psx, but those need to see the Google market account on the device (I think) to work.
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    Mame4Droid is based on 0.37b5, which is years old. We would want Mame4Droid Reloaded. Its based on 0.139, which is only about 10 versions out of date:

    The developer of that is David Valdeita, his email is , twitter here , his Google+ is , youtube is .

    So you should probably reach out to him if you want this.

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    This would be awesome. I can already see me and my brother playing Punisher.

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    mame for ouya?

    Anyone get mame working on ouya yet?

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    yes all mame4all or mame4droid works. Remember that you need the romset 37b5 or 37b11.


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