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    TuneIn Radio - TuneIn

    TuneIn Radio is now available on the OUYA in the OUYA Store.

    TuneIn Radio features over 70,000 of the worlds radio stations live at the click of a button. Any now it can be listened to via your TV with an OUYA!

    Enjoy over 70,000 live radio stations and 2 million podcasts, concerts or shows on your Ouya console, all for free. Already a TuneIn listener? TuneIn Radio is fully integrated with, so just log in to enjoy your Favorites right from your Ouya Console.
    Here are some screenshots

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    Oh now this is really awesome! I use this occasionally on my iPhone/iPad just for local broadcasts but having it on the TV just makes it so much better.

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    I love tunein I am glad to see this available.

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    Definitely approve of this app. I use it on my iphone alot. Great selection of stations (local and online). It would be cool if they get the pro version with recording abilities.

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    I listen to the Coast To Coast radio show with this app on my cell phone or tablet, as none of the local radio stations carry it.
    It's a good app for streaming audio from various radio broadcasters.

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    I installed it. The interface works well with the controller. Plus the sound over HDMI is obviously pretty good.

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    Ok I already pre-ordered mine about a month ago but if I hadn't this would have sold me this is awesome tunein is such a great app. my wife has it on her kindle. I don't have a smartphone but this thing is going to be 10x better than a smartphone. I don't need one but some apps you can get on them are pretty cool and my wife plays some pretty cool games on her kindle one game that I want to play that she has on there is temple runner I hope they port that sometime around official release for ouya.

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    I dig this very much!

    Look more and more forward to receiving my Ouya every day. I have been using TuneIn radio a bit on my phone, and it worked flawlessly!
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    Tune-In is the number one app I use on my Android phone. If I'm home, Tune-In is on. I like it because it carries my rather obscure favorite stations of EBM, Electro and Industrial. Industrial with real German DJs is just icing on the cake.

    Quote Originally Posted by LS650 View Post
    I listen to the Coast To Coast radio show with this app
    Yes, Another Coast To Coast listener interested in the Ouya! Although C2C is on a few stations, I use "Talk Radio AM 640" because it's from Canada. It plays less commercials and longer bumper music and the commercials are more amusing because they're Canadian, lol.
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    Oh, yay. Now I can not have something good to listen to at home instead of my car. Good news is, there's 70,000 stations too look through to see if anything's on instead of 10.


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