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    Organ Trail: Director's Cut - HatsProductions

    UPDATE: Full version is now available for purchase at $4.99 and includes the expansion. Enjoy!

    Organ Trail is a retro zombie survival game. Travel westward in a station wagon with 4 of your friends, scavenging for supplies and fending off the undead. Members of your party might die of dysentery or you might have to put them down yourself when they get bit. Faithfully recreated as if it were on the Apple 2, Organ Trail offers amazing 16 color art and retro beeps and boops. Packed full of zombie mechanics, themes and references, this is a must have for any zombie survival fans.

    • Name your party after your friends and watch them die slowly
    • Hours of gameplay!
    • Get dysentery and 9 other diseases
    • Scavenge for supplies while you fight back the undead
    • Manage your food, ammo, fuel, medkits and more in your struggle to survive
    • Put down infected party members who might turn on you
    • Stop at towns to trade, take jobs and fix your car
    • Endless Mode! Play until you die
    • Car and combat upgrades
    • Fight off bandits
    • Zombie boss fights
    • Choose-your-own-adventure style encounters on the road
    • A weather system and day night cycle
    • Huge soundtrack and delicious Apple 2 pixel art
    • 28 Achievements
    • Survivor leaderboards
    • 400 community written tombstones
    • Bonus ridiculous physics based driving game
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    Lol, whoever made this trailer needs to have a party thrown for him. This game looks like a blast and you guys further made me resent myself by not having a OUYA until June(...).

    One plus for the Shawn of the Dead reference.

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    Lol this loox like alot of fun

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    the walking dead version disket.

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    Any word on when this is to be released?

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    The demo is awesome. This is a "would buy" if it were available to.

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    I'm really digging the Goblin-esque zombie movie soundtrack too. Hurry up and launch it Boco!

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    Full version is out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boco View Post
    Full version is out!
    Completed it yesterday. I adore this game. Going to be checking out the harder difficulties later.

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    This game is seriously amazing. Especially because I remember playing Oregon Trail in elementary school. This game is funny, nostalgic, but without being just a gimmick. It's actually a great game in it's own right. It's funny that with Last of Us and State of Decay out I'm also recommending Organ Trail to my friends...

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