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    Ok, fixed it this time
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    Cool Defend Against Zombies by One More Go Games

    Hi, Our company (One More Go Games) will be bringing our game "Defend Against Zombies" to the OUYA.

    Here's some media from a multi-platform demo we produced, but we are focussing on the OUYA platform for this title.

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    - Defend Against Zombies - One More Go Games

    The game looks awesome!
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    - Sector 13 - Reactor Interactive
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    Aggro Tactics - GodlyPerfection

    Developer informed us via a Private Message that this game is coming to OUYA
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    And here is some more info on Aggro Tactics:

    Aggro Tactics is an asynchronous chess-like tactical strategy virtual board game played with simultaneous turns and a prioritized execution system inspired by the Threat/Aggro systems of MMOs. By which I mean it is a board game that plays like a Tactics RPG on a Hexagon Chess Board, where both players "queue" up actions for their pieces and submit them at the same time. Then all actions are sorted based on the source piece's Threat level and executed one at a time. The mechanics are simple and easy to learn, but the way they interact is what creates the gameplay depth. Oh and at the beginning of every game you create your party from your collection of pieces which could include dozens of classes from Warriors to Wizards to Knights to Samurais to Assassins... each piece bringing new possibilities. Enter with 3 Wizards/2 Warriors, 5 Rogues, or any party combination you would like. With new pieces being added over time to exponentially increase the possibilities.

    All pieces have HP, Threat, Action Points, Movement Speed, and 3 actions. Most actions have a "Threat Cost" to execute, which can increase or decrease their threat level. Higher Threat makes you a prioritized target. Most offensive abilities hit the enemy with the highest Threat in X range. This allows Warriors to "tank" and things like Rogues to "hide" while in still in melee range. Higher Threat also represents heightened adrenaline, and as such those with higher Threat levels also execute their actions first. If you "over aggro" with your fragile pieces they become vulnerable to attacks, but can also do things prior to getting hit in order to stay alive.

    Threat and Aggro management has always been a fascinating feature of MMOs for me and as such I wanted to emphasize this system while also applying it to PvP. Aggro Tactics is a fully omniscient abstract game... meaning that every player knows what the possibilities are and can predict what will happen. There are no chance factors or hidden information. It is all about wits and anticipation. Because of prioritized execution if you know a Wizard is going to hit your Warrior, if your Warrior has higher Threat he can move out of the way before the Wizard gets his spell off... or the Wizard can anticipate the move and re-position to ensure his prey is still in range.

    In addition to PvP, there will be a co-operative "Raid" mode allowing players to play in boss battles against overpowered pieces forcing players to work together with their parties to overcome ridiculous challenges. With 25+ ally pieces (on larger boards of course) on the field VS the boss and any minions things are sure to get crazy.

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    - Project Potato -

    The developer informed me via PM that he is bringing this game to OUYA, and had the following to say:
    We'll have a lot more information and pictures / videos to show you sometime around the first two weeks of January. So, yeah, you'll soon know a lot more. Verry soon actually
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    - FLD 3D Lite (Tower Defense) - Akebulan Enterprises LLC

    The game's developer informed us that he is bringing this game to OUYA. It is currently in the Android Marketplace.
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    - Eterno Retorno - PiX Juegos
    - Garnatron - pixjuegos
    - La pesadilla de Ripollés - PiX Juegos
    - PiX Bros - PiX Juegos
    - PiX Dash - PiX Juegos
    - PiX Frogger - PiX Juegos
    - PiX Pang - PiX Juegos

    More Details from the developer who contacted us:
    We won't be publishing one game, but 7 games instead.

    The middleware we use, BennuGD, lets our games be absolutely portable. The same code will work on Windows, Linux, MacOSX, iOS, Android, OUYA... And in homebrew: Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3...
    More info at:

    Our games are already ported to Android, but most of them are arcade-like. There's no fun in playing with a virtual gamepad, and that's why are really excited about OUYA!

    - La pesadilla de Ripollés: Beat'em up, up to 4 players on the same console or online, featuring the city of Castellón, winner of 1st game-developing contest in Castellón (Spain)

    - PiX Bros: Mix remake of three classic great games: Tumble Pop, Snow Bros and Bubble Bobble. There are 3 characters, and each has the abilities of one game. They are compiting to see who is the best game. Up to 3 players at the same time. Winner of a portability prize in 2007

    - PiX Pang: Pang-like, with new balls, new mechanics, with 80 levels, 6 bosses, 2 game modes and up to 2 players.

    - Garnatron: Original shoot'em up, 5 challenging levels and up to 4 players.

    - PiX Frogger: Racing Frogger. One button game, up to 4 players in a keyboard. The objective: Get first or survive the most.

    - PiX Dash: Racing-platforming game, up to 4 players.

    - Eterno Retorno: Escape from a dungeon by getting weapons and fighting clones with the weapons you picked before. If you get massive destruction weapons, at next level your clone will have them (not published yet). It was created in 2 days, at the Global Game Jam 2012
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    - Beasts & Blades - Seattletek (Currently Awaiting Indiegogo Funding)
    - Guncraft: Foundry - John Getty (Currently Awaiting Kickstarter Funding)

    They both failed to get funding
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