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    - Scary Robots - iterationGAMES

    More info at
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    - Snakes On a 2D Plane - irreverentQ
    - Super BeatDown Academy - irreverentQ
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    - Space Qube - fallingcat

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    I'm Jamie from VAMflax. I've just ordered an OUYA devkit and plan to release my game, Chopper Mike, for OUYA when it launches.

    Chopper Mike is a 60 frames per second arcade helicopter game, that currently works on iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

    Here are some videos...

    Gameplay on Galaxy S2..

    Effects on Nexus 7..

    Can't wait to get hold of the OUYA and play my game on a big TV, with a proper controller!! Although the controls on touchscreen are already rad!

    There's a playable demo at, but you have to use keys, and the levels aren't properly set up for that yet.. And it kinda runs cruddy.. and the level selection is bad for the demo.. but you get the idea..

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    Or my tigsource page:

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    - Syder Arcade - StudioEvil
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie K View Post
    - Syder Arcade - StudioEvil
    Syder Arcade is hard as hell, but an enjoyable time. This will be a good addition to the Ouya and is currently available through OnLive in the PlayPack.

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    Hello there! I'm MetanoKid and I'll be bringing a brand new game to OUYA.

    Maze-a-holic is a 2D game with a The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past style. That means it's a tiled world but movement isn't restricted to horizontal-vertical directio so you can move freely. It will have an in-game maze editor which will make the best out of players and their brains, and it's got customizable textures for those designers out there! Mazes will be multilayered too, which means there may be some decoration in the top layer and could be ultimately used to hide some passages by faking walls or other floors! Fun! We could say it's a "sandbox" game, and players will be able to share their mazes so competition, collaboration and fun is guaranteed!

    The game is starred by a cowboy olive! (why not?)
    This character is the main character in my previous Android game, and will be the main character for the next ones!

    The game is already under development and is about 80% finished in its first version for Android. However OUYA will be having its own tailored version of the game with special controls and some extra content.

    The most important thing about the game, after the maze editor (which I bet it's the core of the game) will be its release model. Similar to Linux or Minecraft it will follow this phylosophy: "release fast and update frequently". This means the first version will have the minimal functionality, and frequent updates (given a fixed time, for example every 2 Sundays) will be populating the game with new stuff. This stuff will go from coloured keys for coloured doors to iced floors, a timer for levels or enemies! Even the Maze-a-holic's community will have something to say for future updates! (if any community!). One thing I can confirm: it will have achievements in the first release!

    Wish I could show you any trailer or gameplay since I'm still using dummy textures and audio from other games, but I hope this description helps you imagine it!

    I'm an IT student about to finish his studies who wants to give his life to developing videogames. I entered the DevKit giveaway contest with this game, but I will be making this game for OUYA even if I don't get one of them (which will be the case, I guess).
    I already pre-ordered my OUYA so it will be there ASAP (hopefully about a month after I receive it and begin developing!).

    Thanks for reading everybody! Keep the great ideas coming!

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    - Maze-a-holic - Metanokid
    - Pathways - MoonberryStudios
    - Space Runner - Hypercane Studios

    Space Runner:

    Maze-a-holic - MetanoKid
    The Developer PMed us saying, "Yeah, I'm bringing Maze-a-holic to OUYA even if I don't win a Dev console."

    Pathways - MoonberryStudios
    More details at:
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    - Kid Electro - Seantron
    - Ancient Axes: Heroes on Paper - Planet lo Entertainment (Currently Awaiting Kickstarter Funding)
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