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    Since it's #shmuptember...

    What is your favorite OUYA shmup and why?
    If you favorite shmup isn't on OUYA then also list that game too and why

    Time to show some ♥ to the shmups.

    While you're at it, if you're on Twitter, why not tweet out your favorites and let the developer know too and use the hashtags. #shmup #shmuptember #ouya

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    I love quite a bit of Shmups, but 3 I keep coming back to are these:

    Beekyr - because the theme is so different, and it bring a breath of fresh air to the genre
    Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection - Because Math Great game to brush up your math skills with I think
    Sine Mora - Graphically stunning, and with a very complex, and rather sad story

    Runner up being Syder Arcade, fantastic horizontal shmup!
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    Mine : Space Popcorn. Not a lot to it, but exactly what it needs to be.
    Not Mine : r0x, because it's a shooter with a really limited number of bullets! Exactly the sort of mechanic I love. Reverse the logic of the genre, and see where it takes you.

    Guess I'm going to have to make a Shmup, this month, then.. Hmmm...
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    Off the top of my head? Well I never really played THAT many Shmups.
    I loved Parodious on the SNES. It was funny, challenging enough and it had a penguin

    PS3: Super Stardust HD. (surprise)
    It brought the space shmup game into a third dimension (sphere surface gameplay) and was really fun to upgrade your weapons.

    PC: Crimson land (surprise)
    There's like 20 (or at least 10) different weapons, you can pick talents while leveling up and it was rock hard. And after some play time the whole ground was red.

    OUYA: Black Hole (SURPRISE!).
    I have actually played other Shmups on the OUYA but I still think mine is superior or else I wouldnt be building it.
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    XY cannon. Oh God, it's so beautiful and cleverly designed. And free!

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    Thank you Killswitch, for promoting this wonderful thing called shmuptember. I heard about it through The Gay Gamer on Twitter and talked a bit about it with Riot but I never really did anything real about it after that.

    My favorite shoot 'em ups on...

    Twin Tiger Shark (Because it's a love letter to Toaplan)
    Genocide Circuit Rebuild (Because it's so similar to a Cave shooter.)
    Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection (As Kaimega said, because math. That's the best twist I've seen in a shoot 'em up so far.)
    Gaurodan (A quirky kind of shooter that lets me be the villain.)
    Raiden Legacy (This port actually sucks, but I do love the games because how incredibly unforgiving they are when you go for a highscore.)

    ESP.Ra.De (The first of the ESP-games, love the sticky weapon mechanic.)

    Giga Wing (The reflect attack where you turn all incoming enemy bullets into back at the enemy is really cool.)
    NEO XYX (Tough as nails and completely new. It came out for the Dreamcast this year!)
    Mars Matrix (Extremely pretty pick up items and fun weapons, including another reflect attack.)
    Trigger Heart Exelica (The hook in this is the next best twist in any shoot 'em up. You grab hold of enemies and hurl them in any direction for maximum score.)
    Psyvariar 2: The Will to Fabricate (This is number two on my favorite shoot 'em up of all time list - because it looks like fireworks all the time. Here's a video of it, skip a bit in to it for the really crazy patterns.)
    Zero Gunner 2 (Interesting helicopter gameplay where you can shoot in all directions. Much better than Under Defeat, that didn't make this list.)

    Over Horizon (It's a pretty standard horizontal shoot 'em up, but it just runs so incredibly smooth on the NES, with minimal flicker in regards to the amount of sprites on screen.)

    Crimzon Clover (A pretty new shoot 'em up that didn't make it into the mainstream audience. Pixelated glory. Points everywhere.)
    Mountain of Faith (The tenth installment in the Touhou Project that brought us classics like The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and Perfect Cherry Blossom. It's just as good as those, if not even better.)

    Dodonpachi Dai Ou Jou (I have a soft spot for the Dodonpachi series as a whole, but this one is one of my absolute favorite parts because of its incredible difficulty.)
    Espgaluda (This is number one on my favorite shoot 'em up of all time list. Awesome music and a cool flip mechanic that hands down beats Ikaruga's.)
    Mushihimesama (I absolutely adore the surroundings in this game, which is lush forests, crystal clear water and all that sorts of nature things. Enemies are insects and Mushihimesama actually means bug princess.)

    Dodonpachi (Yeah. My favorite installment of the DoDonpachi series. Just the right amount of difficulty, bullets and fun. A perfect example of a shmup that's easy to pick up but freakishly hard to fully master. A solid option for any newbie in the genre.)
    Radiant Silvergun (The only shoot 'em up I've ever enjoyed in multiplayer.)

    PC Engine:
    Super Star Soldier (Incredibly fast and lenghty with awesome music. I could just as well have said Final Soldier or Star Soldier, because those are also great.)
    R-Type (The first horizontal shoot 'em up that made me appreciate the horizontal type. I'm normally a vertical shmupper.)

    Mega Drive:
    Super Fantasy Zone (Very cute, addicting, different gameplay. A bit on the easy side but all the pretty thingies make up for it big time. And the main characters name is Opa-Opa.)
    Gley Lancer (Pixel perfection anyone? Here it is. It's beautiful and very beatable for a beginner with a pretty low difficulty.)

    Xbox 360:
    Akai Katana (It's like the perfect mix between Espgaluda and Progear. The only downside is the rather high learning curve when it comes to scoring.)
    Mushihimesama Futari (It's not as hard or good as the first one on PS2, but it's a solid installment in the series and my absolute favorite shoot 'em up on Xbox 360.)

    Phew! That was hard. I had to leave out so many great, great titles... But I guess there's always another time to bring other gems up.
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    Damn Star, you might need to do some gameplay or a mag or something. I definitely missed a few of those.

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    I like Sine Mora because of teh soundtrack :3

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    My two favourite shmups are Armalyte and X-Out on the c64. On Ouya, my favourite is single screen shmup War Daddy.
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    on OUYA i'd go with Tiamat X, Syder Arcade, r0x, Twin Tiger Shark and Gaurodan. all are very well polished and hours of fun. in general my favorite shmup would be the Mastersystem version from R-Type and Sturmwind on Dreamcast.


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