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    Your OUYA Purchases.

    There has to be thread for this already but I looked for nearly ten minutes and couldn't find it. Anyways, name your purchases including redeemed games.

    Acorn Assault - Took advantage of the recent sale.
    Beast Boxing Turbo - Bought when it was on sale during the ten day founder sale.
    Broken Age - Redeemed it for free from a guy on Twitter who didn't want it. Was unredeemed for forty-five minutes before I got to it am and very lucky.
    FallenWorld - First OUYA purchase.
    GraveStompers: Zombies Versus Zombies - Bought during the ten days of daily deals sale.
    iO - Won from the iO contest whilst rubbing the first place trophy in Negative Zero's face. Redeemed with broken fingers.
    Ittle Dew - Bought from its individual sale.
    Killing Floor: Calamity - Was given to me at launch by Eddie Krassenstein for free. Redeemed after a long back and forth discussion on who deserves the game more.
    Knightmare Tower - Bought during the ten day founder sale.
    MELTDOWN - Was given to me by Killswitch as a gift. Redeemed with ❤.
    Neon Shadow - Was given to me by TastyPoisonGames for helping him out with two trolls ruining his thread along with helping him with various other tasks. Redeemed with the blood of thy enemies and with a shit-eating grin.
    Pocket RPG - Bought because Neon Shadow taught me the ways of TastyPoisonGames' quality content.
    Ravensword: Shadowlands - Bought during the individual sale and loved the shit out of it.
    Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode One - Because why the fuck not.
    Wraithborne - It was a dollar.

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    my Purcahsed List:

    3D Street Racing - it was only a dollar, thought it would have gotten improved, was dead wrong.
    A Zombie Stole my Toaster - won in a contest
    Another World - only because it was on Sale
    AvP Evolution - this game is badass!
    Babylonian Twins - Because the game was hard as balls for a puzzle platformer, and GOOD!
    Brotherhood of Violence - I was a sucker for this game when it came out
    Busted - Simply put: fun
    Card Match 3D - probably the most polished card game I ever played
    Choplifter HD - Nice 3D Rendition of Choplifter.. though it could use some killer music
    CLARC - I believe I bought this day one
    Dead End - I know I bought this day one! Fun lil Outrun game with zombies too
    Deep Dungeons of Doom - got it because of a sale, still have a hard time getting into it..
    Def - Received for review purposes, Quite a solid tower defense as well
    Dig! - Tasty Poison Goodness
    Dungeon Crawlers - First tactical RPG on OUYA that caught my attention
    Fallen World - Very addicting
    Final Fantasy III - one of my first purchases
    Fist Puncher - Totally worth the 10$
    FLASHOUT 3D - first game I did buy
    Foresight - I just felt I needed a weather app
    FOTONICA - Santa Ragione's games have a place in my heart
    Fright Fight - it isn't that bad, really!
    Galaxoid - Soooo good
    Gene Effect - one of the most eye-candied games
    Giana Sisters - Got this because I am a sucker for the Giana Sisters series
    Globulous - one of my favorite puzzlers on the system
    GraveStompers: Zombie vs Zombie - It was a fun game, still is.. just really repetitive
    Gunslugs - Fun lil run n' gun, really fun with another player
    Haymaker - It was a dollar, and it isn't that bad!
    Heroes of Loot - First time I played a roguelike, and though it isn't a true one, it still is quite charming to play
    High Flyer Death Defyer - The sense of adventure is what led me to purchase it
    Into the Shadows - Was a fun RPG, then I found how repetitive it was...
    Ittle Dew - Never go wrong with this one
    Jumpman Forever - I love Jumpman so this was a no-brainer for me
    Killing Floor: Calamity - Bought this when it launched
    Knightmare Tower - Second game I bought
    Kosmik Revenge - the entire thing just appealed to me
    Left 2 Die - the dramatic change since inception is what led me to insta-buy it
    Lemegeton: Master Edition - I don't need to say anything about this one
    Luxuria Superbia - it was the colours..
    Meltdown - It was simple and fun
    Minigore 2: Zombies - Don't remember why I bought it, but I liked it
    Minimon 3D - This game really isn't that bad, tough though
    MirrorMoon EP - I love this game, its sense of mystery and adventure is unparalleled for me at the moment
    Muffin Knight - Not much to say except fun
    Mystery Castle - This was a very under-appreciated game that deserves more recognition
    Neon Shadow - the First FPS since Doom 2 that i actually enjoyed
    Night Riders - I am a sucker for Hangon Style games
    Nowhere Safe 2 - I am a sucker for Japanese Style Adventure games as well
    Pester - All games by FlumpStudios are amazing I think.. the shooters may not look the prettiest, but they are damn-well fun
    Pinball Arcade - I bought a number of tables
    Pizza Boy - I had to buy it after I was re-introduced to it
    Pocket RPG - Again, Tasty Poison Goodness
    Polarity - It's a nice puzzler
    Quiet Christmas - I liked these adventure games
    Quiet, Please - See above
    Raiden Legacy - Something about this game pulled me in, haven't regretted it since
    Ravensword: Shadowlands - I gave it the benefit of the doubt and bought it
    Red - Fun lil dualstick shooter to play with a friend
    Retro Racer Combat - FlumpStudios strikes again!
    Saturday Morning RPG - I was tricked into thinking it was a well polished, fully playable game
    Shadow Blade - this IS a well polished, fully playable game
    Shadowgun - I bought this for my love
    Sheep in Hell - a fun lil Timewaster I took the risk on as my first premium game
    Shuttle Rush - My favorite Launch title platfomer
    Sine Mora - Beautiful Shmup goodness
    Super Killer Hornet - Resurrection - More FlumpStudios Goodness
    Skiing Fred - I regret NOTHING
    Slide Tap Pop - It's style reminds me of games like Puyo Puyo, had to buy it for that alone
    Sonic CD - Sonic CD
    Sonic 4 Episode 1 - I thought it was fun and worth buying
    Sonic 4 Episode 2 - I knew it was fun and worth buying
    Super Grid Run - This game is addicting and like Acid
    Super Lemonade Factory - Initials, I love you and this game!
    Super Pixalo - I was addicted when I first started playing, and currently writing a review for it
    Syder Arcade - One of the better shooters on the system hands down
    Tales of Illyria - Hugo was a a strong influence in this title
    Tamplars' Sword - I think my only purchase I regret currently
    The Ball - This wasn't that bad a game.. Lacked a pause button, but overall a very good, sturdy puzzler
    The Bard's Tale - This was a very engaging RPG, the humour is what made me get it
    The Cave - I didn't know what to expect, I was surprised
    The Legend of Kuzu - I told myself to buy it, did and was impressed..though feel it needs more done to it
    The Lost Souls - Preordered the sequel.. wonder when it will come
    The roads of Apocalypse - Not a bad Racer, the speed up thing is trippy
    Time Swap - a good time-based platformer
    Volchaos - This game is fun and hard and everyone should play it!
    Wizorb - a fun Breakout clone twisted in with an RPG
    Wraithborne - it is alright..
    You don't know Jack - the first purchase for my love and I to play
    Zombie Driver HD - Something about it said "BUY ME!"
    Broken Age - Got $5 off and thought "perfect timing!"

    To Buy List:

    Super Lemonade Factory 2
    Tales of Illyria: Beyond the Iron Wall
    Freedom Fall
    Whispering Willows
    Duck Game
    Acorn Assault
    The Adventures of Chris
    Astraea: A Small World
    Skyling: Garden Defense

    ...Yes I bought a ton of games.. I believe either 90 or 91 so far
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    Here's my list, I bought my ouya in february right because a lot of sale !

    Another World - Why not.. I completed this game so many time and why not one more time when it was on sale.
    BombSquad - A MUST!!! but it was on sale but worth the full price
    Ittle Dew - Sale
    Knightmare Tower - Sale
    Minigore 2 Zombies - First OUYA purchase + the money upgrade !
    Super Pixalo - The Pre-launch sale
    Zombie Driver HD - Sale
    The Ball - Sale
    Polarity - Sale
    Meltdown - Bought it because it was ONLINE multiplayer andmy friend also bought it !
    Kainy - 1$ and to support developper
    Fotonica - Sale
    Beast Boxing Turbo - Sale

    sale price and promotion is a good marketing
    There's no game from that list that I don't like ! they are all fun !

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    FPse: Need my PS1 fix
    The Cave: One of the best games on Ouya. Worth $5 and then some.
    Hero of Many: Demo got me hooked. The moment I truly started to love the Ouya
    Fist of Awesome: On sale, punching bears, why not
    Bombsquad: Great with the family. Demo sold me.
    Amazing Frog: Massive improvements over time, kids loved the demo, now I love it
    Grand Truckismo: Kids liked it, Chupacabra killed it. Unplayable
    Haymaker: Decent fighter and cheap so why not
    Ice Rage: Hockey rules

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    Neon Shadow - Fun game, still stuck on the final boss.
    Wraithborne - A buck and a good time killer.
    Deep Dungeons of Doom - Surprisingly deep, timed combat.. again got real hard later in the game.
    Knightmare Tower - Became addicted to this game. Really good sense of progression, super fun.
    Nostalgia - Nuff said here, great for organizing emus.
    Killing Floor Calamity - Still getting in to this, good level based shooting.
    Lemegeton: Master Edition - Fun, although stuck again not knowing where to go in Chapter 2.
    Ulitionus - Ordered right when released, game was much harder than I was expecting. Although, really enjoyed it.
    Groundskeeper 2 - Great for short play sessions, again good progression.
    Pocket RPG - My Diablo-like go to game.
    FPSE - Use sideloaded Google play version as it's more up to date.
    Fist of Awesome - Bought on sale, broke open a bottle of wine and then finished the game. Very fun. Now where is that Grizzly edition upgrade?


    I liked Fist Puncher so much I bought it... on XBOX 360, although I would recommend anyone who likes beat em ups to grab it.

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    My list will have to wait until I get home to check on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaimega View Post
    To Buy List:
    I went to buy that last weekend only to find that it seems to have moved to a freemium model?..
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    Here is a copy of my super secret file. The purchased are in order. :

    Bought OUYA games

    GraveStompers: Zombie vs. Zombie: The Game $3.99

    GraveStompers: Zombie vs. Zombie: Devil Max $0.99

    GraveStompers: Zombie vs. Zombie: Gatling Gun $0.99

    Wind-up Knight: Wind-up Knight: Special Offer $4.99

    Monster RPG 2: Monster RPG 2 $2.99

    Bandit Skies: Bandit Skies Full Game Unlock $2.99

    Radiant: Radiant Premium Upgrade $1.99

    Nimble Quest: Unlock Full Game $4.99

    Ittle Dew: Unlock Ittle Dew $12.99

    Wizorb: FullGameUnlock $2.99

    Munch Face: Challenge Mode $4.99

    Zombie Driver HD: ZombieDriverHD_FullGame $4.99

    EVAC: EVAC Premium Upgrade $1.99

    Rose and Time: Rose and Time: Full game unlock $6.99


    Galaxoid: Galaxoid Full Game $1.99

    Meltdown - Full Game $4.99

    Knightmare Tower - Full Game $3.99

    Neon Shadow: Neon Shadow Game Unlock $1.99

    Dig!: Full Game $0.99

    Pocket RPG: PRPG Unlock $1.99

    Minigore 2: Zombies: Unlock Full Game $4.99

    Busted: Full Version + 10,000 Money Pack $2.99

    Crystal Picnic: Crystal Picnic $4.99

    Gene Effect: Gene Effect $5.99

    Mystery Castle: Mystery Castle - The Fortress Underground $0.50

    Killing Floor: Calamity: Killing Floor: Calamity $5.01

    Raiding Company - Co-op Arcade Shooter!: Full Game: Raiding Company $4.99

    Ice Rage: Unlock Full Game $2.99

    Hipster Zombies: Unlock Hipster Zombies $1.99

    Heavy Recoil - Convoy Chaser: Heavy Recoil - Convoy Chaser $0.99

    Gunslugs: Gunslugs full $2.99

    Meltdown: Double XP Gain $2.99

    Meltdown: Double Coin Gain $2.99

    Hero of Many: The Full Adventure! $3.99

    BombSquad: BombSquad $2.50

    BombSquad: Frosty the Snowman $0.99

    Babylonian Twins: Unlock All Pro Levels $4.99

    Fright Fight - Multiplayer Brawler: Full Game $8.99

    Acorn Assault: Acorn Assault $4.99

    FallenWorld: Fallen World Full version $2.99

    Groundskeeper 2: Groundskeeper2 Full version $1.99

    Kosmik Revenge: VIP package $3.99

    Another World: Another World $2.50

    Choplifter HD: Unlock Full Game! $2.80

    Muffin Knight: Unlock All Levels $2.99

    A Space Shooter For 2 Bucks: Unlock full game $1.99

    Raiden Legacy: Raiden Legacy $2.00

    Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I $2.99

    Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II $2.99

    Sonic CD: Sonic CD $2.99

    Time Swap: Full Game $0.99

    Sine Mora: Sine Mora Unlock $5.99


    Heroes of Loot: Heroes of Loot full version $2.99

    Red: Red Full Game $2.99

    Fist Puncher: Fist Puncher $6.99

    Wraithborne: Unlock Game $4.99

    Saturday Morning RPG: Saturday Morning RPG Full Game Unlock $3.99

    DeadEnd: DeadEnd (Full Game Unlocking) $1.99

    Skiing Fred: 300 Gems $4.99

    Grow: Full Version Grow $1.99

    Super Pixalo: Super Pixalo Full Game $2.99

    TOTAL: $228.15

    Game codes to redeem: MirrorMoonEP, Fotonica, Zombies Stole My Toaster

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    is it possible to check your profile online and see what games you've bought?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starfighter View Post
    Thanks Starfighter.

    Edit: On second thought I'm going to go ahead and lock that thread. It... Brought back bad memories and is pretty off-topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pat1986 View Post
    is it possible to check your profile online and see what games you've bought?
    Try this.

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