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    Win a MOGA Controller with Rage Runner! Contest Live!

    Watch the Rage Runner trailer here:

    Our Official Postmortem

    Our Developer Walkthrough

    Fast, Unforgiving Action with No Apologies
    Rage Runner puts gamers in the cockpit of a rockin’ spaceship, the goal is to go fast and not hit stuff. The action is fast and the collisions are unforgiving. Gamers will need to flex their memories and sharpen their reflexes if they hope to survive the dubstep laden trenches of Rage Runner.

    Highscore Perks
    In retro-arcade fashion, the top 5 players get to boast to the world by etching their initials on the highscore server. The top ranked player each month gets ultimate bragging rights when his/her initials are branded onto the actual spaceship for all players to see.

    User Generated Content

    Rage Runner includes an editor that allows building full-blown custom levels that can be shared with the community. All of the levels included with Rage Runner were made in the same editor. The features of the editor will be community driven and the most popular user generated content will find its way into the game itself.

    Shots off the OUYA

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    I can honestly say i will suck at this game but still enjoy it very much lol

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    Looks great! Buying this when I get my pre-ordered OUYA! How much will it be?

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    We set it at 2.99 I think, but we may change that depending on what others have priced at. It wont go higher then 2.99 though.

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    Re: Rage Runner - Hypercane Studios

    This game has come a long way from the Game Jam version.

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    This wasn't in the game Jam, we were the day 5 winners of the developer contest that OUYA put on. But yeah it has come a long way from that, I still look back on it, and wonder if maybe I shouldn't have posted that grey box video. But I guess we are indie, and being transparent is one plus to indie developers.

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    What will the free version include? Looks super tough, and will probably make me rage quit too many times.

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    Free version has a tutorial level, and level 1, which should give the average person around 6 hours of game play free. The paid unlocks the rest of the levels, level Editor, and High score server to compete for perks.
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    Did someone say level editor....sweet

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    Yeah, the level editor really makes this game. I wanted to put my level editor into my game, since I would think a lot of the OUYA crowd would love that kinda thing, and when I was initially setting stuff up I kept that in mind. Unfortunately, there just wasn't time to make it user-friendly - in the end I would often use the level editor to quickly lay out a level, and then use Unity to make it more functional, and to be usable by the general public, I'd have to make that stuff easily doable without Unity.


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