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    Commodore 64 Emulator, OUYA - PaulsCode

    A few days ago, I decided to look at the possibility of porting one of the Android-based Commodore 64 emulators to the OUYA. All the current open-source options rely heavily on the touchscreen, which makes them really cumbersome on the OUYA. After a little research, I decided to use FrodoC64 as the base for the project. The initial challenge was bumping up the target API, due to stale reference errors in the JNI code. I posted a proof-of-concept video on Saturday after fixing those problems:

    Now the real work begins, of re-writing the UI to play well with OUYAs controller-based interface. I am a little occupied with my other project right now, what with OUYA going live in a couple days, but I should have more updates in the next couple of weeks. Barring any unforeseen hiccups, I wouldn't expect this project to take more than a month to get to a point where it can be published in the OUYA store. It is really only a UI re-write.

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    better get them roms ready

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    Wow, wow, wow, wow!!! There are some great games that still holds up to this day
    Really looking forward to this, keep up the amazing work!!!

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    That's awesome!

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    Nice - if you add real USB keyboard support, then the OUYA would kinda-be a modern-day C-64! The OUYA motherboard would even fit in an old C-64 case.

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    I notice on Frodo's website that it says it hasnt been updated for awhile and v5 will be a re-write. The site itself seems to be way out of date so who knows. I was wondering if that re-write ever happened. Is this still line-based or is it now actually event-based?

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    The source does not utilize SDL, so I take that to mean the update never happened. Will keep an eye out for changes upstream and apply them when available.

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    So looking forward to this when I get my Ouya.


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