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    My USB port isn't working.

    How does one fix a USB port that won't register anything plugged into it?

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    Not a clue.
    Try plugging something directly in, like a phone, that’ll light up the charge icon to show it’s connected from the outside, rather than the OUYA side.. should help track down the problem.
    If you’ve a wired X360 pad, the rings should light up as soon as it’s hooked up,
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    Hmm. I wonder how hard it is to replace components like this...
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    If it's the physical port rather than the USB controller, it's fairly standard part. In fact, the existing "bad" port may only need to be resoldered. Unfortunately, I think replacing or reattaching it would take some relatively fine solder work.
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    I wouldn't touch the USB port for replacement because in order to pull that module out you'd also have to pull out your HDMI due to it being a uni-body setup. and HDMI connectors kind of suck to remove and add.

    I would instead get a "A" type female usb extension cable that can be panel mounted. clip the wires and solder to the same points where the USB is on the board. Then rotary tool out a new USB port.. The Ouya has the space to do it. And even though you're drilling holes and soldering 5 wires the chance of a successful repair will be higher.
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    I heard someone at work might be able to fix it.

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    Just started working again randomly, nice!


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