So I was finally able to unbrick my Razer Forge (thanks Tozeleal) and noticed that I had two games waiting for me when I fired up the Cortex store - "Super Roman Conquest" and "A Rite from the Stars."

I noticed that these games (as well as "Mercenary Kings") do not show up on the Razer Forge TV games site (, but show-up on the OUYA games site (

Not sure why, but I just wanted to share that this makes me happy because someone has kept the OUYA site updated. Is this done automatically or is there someone still from OUYA around and kicking over at Razer? It is too bad that we cannot download those games on the OUYA. For some reason, I really want to play Mercenary Kings on the OUYA without having to sideload and go through the Google Play Store.

On a side note - started firing up the OUYA again and having a blast.