Hi everybody,

I feel the urge to do something. I don't want to see OUYA simply fade away because nobody cares, so I'm asking all of you for help.

I need every Information out there about OUYA People of the past and present: names, contacts, email addresses of everyone ever involved in OUYA, especially the on the server side and the software development.

- Why shouldn't it be possible to acquire the whole thing ourself or at least gain control over it?
- If not, we could try to set up a System that at least guarantees user authetification, so that everybody could at least login to the system and play all the games, even with DRM.

Just want to make clear, that I don't expect everybody to help working on this, but I want to ask people for Information like documentations, source codes, access data.

If you know someone who did or does something for OUYA, please let me know here!