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    OUYA on youtube these days ...

    Hello OUYA-Fans,

    I am trying to get the information and people around the world together, who are had an OUYA, talked about the OUYA or are having OUYA related content on Youtube. I know, there was somewhere a threat, where these content was posted ...

    So I found these OUYA related clips in the last weeks

    Some older reviews I found, unfortunatly not very positive or very old (3 to 5 years old)

    And I hope, we maybe could drive the attention back to the OUYA a little bit, Not know, but in the following month maybe.

    I think, it is still a great Gaming-Device, Emulation Station or Streambox in comparism to Amazon FireTV Stick/Box 3, or the Google Chrome Cast.

    You can't compare it to the nVidea Shield TV, because it had the price of an XBox One S, when it came out. (And still is. I saw the XBox One S with a controller for 169,- in Dec. 2017 in Berlin, and the Shield TV with Remote 16 GByte version without Controller for 199,- Euro)

    The XBox One S can Stream 4K also, I think. It can play 4K HD Bluerays in 4K with HDR.

    So maybe the problem today would be, that the OUYA as a plattform can't compare to the XBox or something. But it's still good hardware and it's open for Developement. I think it is a predecessor to the (not Shield Gamepad-Thingly), Shield Tablet, Shield TV, Nintendo Switch

    So are you knowing channels, or groups of people, which could be interessted in the OUYA?

    Would be nice, to see, how many people having an OUYA today, and maybe using it sometimes or have not "peed" on it.
    Also sad, that some people liked it, because it "was a failure" in there eyes. And not for the try.

    Game One OUYA Special 2014

    I am missing "otakupunk" playing OUYA games. Thanks to Retroluzzer for some new Let's Plays.

    I am looking forward to "Winter Games" at near Bodensee (Germany). Hope, I can get some OUYA fand in front of the camera.

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    I'm enjoying watching the "The OUYA was crap!" Videos.
    They typically hook it up, and play through games, LOLing at how utterly rubbish they are.
    They go through a bunch of games that they can take the piss out of, easily, avoiding all the good games that show up their biased opinion, based on youtube like-boosting stats alone.

    And, somewhat proud to say, they very rarely pick any of my games, even though I’m about 10% of the entire collection

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    What you are saying, reminds me of that:

    (maybe its a fake video about a fake restaurant, so they fake the fake)

    Quote Originally Posted by Abraham Lincoln, 1863
    Don't trust the internet comments
    Ranting and negative things get more attention. I think, the positive people, buy things in the real world and don't look up reviews before or so :-)

    so the problem I see here is, that your games are not crappy enough

    [OUYA still has a better game library than Steam these days ...]

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    I like that one a lot. Looks like a "WiiU"

    Portable OUYA

    Back in 2014 it had its attention. Nothing less important than the newspaper from yesterday

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    Yeah, I saw that. And I like it a lot.

    I am wondering, how many people out there, who are no members of the OUYA board, but have some interest in the OUYA and making videos with or about it.

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    I ran this video in the beginning:

    Would you be looking to have someone create more content, or what's your idea? And how's it going?
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