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    Are into making games?

    Would it be ... nice, to have something like a Game-Builder for the OUYA in the OUYA? Not just an Level-Editor, but an GameCreator like "Super Mario Maker", "Little Big Planet" ...
    with some Assets to choose from, some Game-Themes and easy templates, with all the heavy stuff done before for "you", but be able to be creative. Maybe like an advanced Minecraft or something.

    And the best thing: Share the creations ...

    ... at sharing would be the question, is anybody using the webbrowser in the OUYA? But maybe it would possible to set URL-Requests and so on from inside a game/app and host the Game/Level-Data there. And build a little library out of these creations.

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    Did anyone uses "DOS Box Turbo"? And playing games like "Megarace 2" or some heavy 3D games, or mabye Win95 games, and maybe 3D?

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    Not on OUYA, but I have a lot of these DOSBox games on my Mac. Often disappointed by the sound, because I was used to the Amiga versions back then...
    So many games, so little time...


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