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    Yeah, it's a rather small community at this point.
    We all seem to love our OUYA, (not so much the ForgetV) and would definitely enjoy new games, but if you sell your game for $1, expect about 20 sales, assuming those 20 can even find your game. If you sell for $10 then I could probably name the people who'd buy it.
    Passion and community are great, but when there aren’t many left in that community, there’s far too much risk in charging a price for your game.

    If you expect profit, as Nooskewl says, look elsewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xaby View Post
    Some questions for you guys,

    - for your ForgeTV you have the AndroidTV-Store, to get new stuff, if you want.
    What is with our OUYAs?

    What would you like to see in the future? More AndroidTV software for your ForgeTV? Or OUYA/ForgeTV-APKs from other channels? Would you support Kickstarter-projects for creating "exclusives" for OUYA / ForgeTV, or would you support it more, if you also would get it for nVidia Shield, XBox, PC, Mac, ... or maybe Raspberry Pi?

    So how big is the OUYA-community these days? I am asking, because I have an OUYA since launch, but it took a while to develope a completely new game. Never published befor to Android. I also bought an ForgeTV, and I like both (OUYA/ForgeTV) a lot. So I am continuing developing. But after that posting from last year from Razer ...
    Puh ...

    What can I do? Publish via AndroidTV (Google Playstore), but that woul be not very exclusive anymore. Or say: Hey, there is another OUYA-like-Console out there, with nearly the same "power", and you can buy it in every store (not so much, but you can buy it, the produce these computers). It is the Raspberry Pi.

    So my question to you guys is, would it be a waste of time, to optimise the game for the OUYA or make a Kickstarter / IndieGoGo for a new OUYA game, or is it smarter, to focus on maybe the Raspberry Pi, and get it on there, because people can buy this little computer now and it is not dead?
    Actually, the Forge is quite a good device, but without expandable storage, its usability is limited (at least for me). Mine collected dust, but now I want to use it with our bedroom TV. No games anymore on this one.

    I have a bunch of OUYAs sitting here, two of them active, one in the game room, one in the living room. I still enjoy playing OUYA and I'm always happy to find games from other sources (Google, Amazon or Independent) that work on it. So I personally would welcome every new OUYA game, but if you want a larger audience, you should look for other platforms.

    Thinking about Android development, I guess it's no big deal to implement proper OUYA controller support in a normal Android game. This, the screen size and touch control graphics that can be deactivated are the most important things to have in mind when developing for OUYA.

    Our community is quite small nowadays. I still notice some interest when I release gameplay videos, but I'm not sure how many viewers actually have an OUYA and how many are just interested in the games.

    So, go out and make your game, and if you want some special fans, put in the three special ingredients I mentioned above and make it available via sideload, e.g. on
    So many games, so little time...

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    If you expect profit, as Nooskewl says, look elsewhere.
    My recommendation wasn't just with profit in mind. I really think OUYA just has very few users still using it. It would be a shame to put in a lot of work for very little motivation to keep going. But if you're fine with a couple dozen (if that) in the community then go for it.


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