Good day, I am new to developing games for the Ouya console but am familiar with making and optimizing games for mobile.

I am currently working on porting some of my android phone projects to the Ouya but I've found almost all of them run poorly on the Ouya 2013 console regardless of the optimizations I have already made.

My Unity 3D first person game runs at 15-20 FPS on Ouya even though it runs at 35-45 FPS on my weak Moto G 2013 phone. Some of the ways I've optimized the game are:

• Setting the game's quality to fastest performance
• Lowering the polygon count to 20 000 polygons
• Having all lights cast no shadows
• Setting all non moving game objects to static

I also use Adobe Animate CC (flash) with Adobe Air to make sidescrollers, and I found those games run at 8-14 FPS on Ouya but run considerably better at 50-60 FPS on my Moto G. The optimizations I made were:

• Converting all the game's visuals to bitmaps
• Publishing the game with GPU rendering mode.
• Object pooling and minimum use of event listeners.

So far only my Unity 2D sidescroller game has been able to run smoothly at 30 FPS on the Ouya console which makes me wonder if there something I am missing or if the Ouya is simply weaker than most phones.

I have not used any Ouya packages or any code specific to the Ouya console for these games. I am solely using the input manager in Unity and keyboard arrow keys events in Animate CC to make the games playable with the Ouya controller.

Is there any procedures I am missing or anything more I can do? Any assistance is very much appreciated.