I have the working ROMs and playfield for "Atari Video Pinball" (1979), but it needs tweaking.

For those who don't know, "Atari Video Pinball" used an old B&W monitor that used a painted mirror (with embedded LEDs) for the playfield. The files I have for the old PC version of Mame work/look just fine, but on Mame4Droid, none of the playfield objects are in their proper position. Also, the roms load, but there's no way to start the game AFAICT. I'd like to get this old classic working with the Android version of MAME.

I've loaded the playfield into Photoshop and squashed/stretched/distorted it within an inch of its life, but I just can't adjust it to the point all of the playfield objects are properly positioned at the same time.

Is anyone interested in attempting to to get this old classic working? TIA.