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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayenkai View Post
    Yep, exactly this.
    OUYA console to become doorstop when store server shuts down. But since it seems to be safe so far, we just need a place to collect new (and updated?) OUYA titles.
    Have you made your game sideload-able for OUYA hardware? Put it on, then let me know and i'll add it to a collection we can all link to.

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    Just refunded my pledge. The Dev of tempest 4000 didn't know the game was going to be put on the VCS and there's no Linux port of it anyway, meaning the game isn't natively running on the console in the demo.

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    I'm having real problems with Indiegogo!! It's not allowing me to back it! I just wish they used Kickstarter instead. Works so much better.


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