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Thread: GEMBox console

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retrowurst View Post
    Well, however it could be done, he didn't want to...
    Fair enough, I had a similar problem when Vizio released their Android TV set-top box years ago... it had a built-in native OnLive app that I wanted to test on my own Android TV box but I couldn't get anyone to help B
    But I digress...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
    Surprised no one here mentioned having one. Figured someone would have bought one back when they came out.
    I mentioned seeing them ages ago, in response to someone saying there were no more Android consoles besides Shield. If I remember correctly, someone responded that they were very closed-off and not easy to side-load APKs onto. There's a computer store near me that has tons of these, but they're not in the bargain bin yet. When they get there, I'll think about trying one out.
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