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    Razerís Upcoming Android Smartphone Leaks Out

    Razer, after acquiring Nextbit earlier this year, is slated to be debuting its new smartphone on November 1st. The company has been teasing the announcement for a few weeks now, the device has also appeared on GFX Bench and now there’s a picture floating around from TechByte which shows what appears to be a device very similar to the Nextbit Robin, but with a Razer logo on the back.

    Now this picture does only show the back of the smartphone from Razer, but it appears to sport a dual-camera setup, like most smartphones in 2017. With a flash on the left side – of which could be a dual-LED flash, it’s hard to tell from this angle and lighting. Now you’ll see on the back that there is a big Razer logo, now knowing Razer, this logo will probably light up green, but that is not confirmed. Of course if it does, it’ll use some more battery, which is something Razer likely doesn’t want to sacrifice. There are buttons about half way down on the left side, it’s tough to say what these buttons are for, but likely volume and power buttons. It wouldn’t be surprising to see another button that could do something with gaming, since this is supposedly a “gamer’s smartphone”.

    While we can’t see the entire smartphone, thanks to the listing on GFX Bench, we do have a good idea of what specs this smartphone will sport. Which includes a 5.7-inch Quad HD (that means 2560◊1440 resolution) display, powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor with 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Now if this is supposed to be a smartphone aimed at gamers, 64GB seems a bit low, seeing as games do take up a ton of space. But there is likely a micro SD card slot available as well for expanding storage. Now, it’s also important to take this all with a grain of salt, seeing as benchmarks are very easy to fake these days. Nonetheless, Razer is slated to announce the smartphone on November 1st, which is just a couple of weeks away, and we’ll know everything then.


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    a phone for gamers!

    such a wonderful idea.
    how come nobody thought on that before?

    it will be a huge success! it will change gaming for ever...

    oh... wait...

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    Yeah. Except I’m seriously doubting this one will have that VERY IMPORTANT feature.
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    I'm in the phones aren't for interactive gaming camp.

    Pokemon Go - Perfect game for a phone.
    RPGs - What the hell are you putting that on a phone for?

    That's how I see it and always will. Phones are small enough as it is. Games don't make sense on a phone.

    Wait for inevitable "I love games on my phone" retort.

    I was interested in seeing what they do with this but now.......

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    im not a big fan of the technicals desicions nintendo has made in the last decade.

    but lets be honest, the idea behind the switch is perfect.

    a phone/tablet with joystics/controllers/gamepads, and with a docking bay that let you put it on a tv.

    if razer wants to sell me this device as something for gamers, it needs to have at least those 2 features.

    if it doesnt, thanks but no thanks.

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    To be fair I thought the Xperia Play was pretty good - and if they released it again with some better storage and a recent version of Android I'd buy another, but that's just me

    I'd like to see if Razer have something unique to add, but if it's just better specs I'll pass!
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