Since there isn't much gaming talk over on the Nvidia forums, I'll post this here. In case you didn't know, one of the greatest Star Wars video games, Jedi Academy, was ported to Android some time ago. You may not know about it since it's not on Google Play, but you can pick it up on the Amazon Appstore. It features -arguably- the best lightsaber combat in any Star Wars game and a story based on the old Expanded Universe post-Return of the Jedi.

I'm posting this here because the game has controller support (except some wonkiness in menus, unfortunately) and works great with Android TV. Jedi Academy also continues to have a thriving PC modding community, and many of those mods work well on Android.

The Android port does, however, require a little bit of work to get running. Aside from likely having to sideload the apk, you will have to install two asset files from the PC version of the game. (The source code has been released by the developer, and I am sure you can find these files out in the wild.) Modding obviously also takes a little tinkering. If you need them,

I have guides!

Install Guide (it's for Jedi Outcast, but the process is exactly the same):

Modding Guide: