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    rooting ouya 2017

    hi long story short i had to reroot my Ouya. unfortunately i no longer have the mod-collection4ouya v.5.1 and the v4.2 that i do still have is not working. if someone still has the apk they could share it would help me quite a bit. i tried looking on xda but it looks like wonderekin took down his apks off google drive and dev-host. any help tracking down the file or a work around would be greatly appreciated

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    I think I have the stuff somewhere on my backup hd. There's only one issue: the one-click-root doesn't work anymore due to firmware updates. You need to use a certain Version of Kingroot.

    It works, but I recommend to put the OUYA offline after sideloading it, then make it root and remove it immediately. Some protection software says it's malware, on my OUYA and on my Mac, so I removed it before putting the OUYA online again.

    I don't know if it is really malware, but it says "Make it rain" when you start it... sounds suspicious.
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    You can try this site below. I just installed CM11 and running great



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