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    UFO [strategic arcade lander] - OUYA, windows, android, Nvidia Shield TV [100% free]

    In this retro styled game you have to try to land your UFO on hostile ground!

    [OUYA sideload][1.5.2017]_OUYA_SHIELD.apk
    [windows][1.5.2017].zip [updated!]
    [googleplay] [updated!]
    [Nvidia Shield TV sideload][1.5.2017]_OUYA_SHIELD.apk

    This game is NOT on OUYA discover, and also not on OUYA.TV. Can be sideloaded on OUYA.
    Probably does not work on Razer Forge or M.O.J.O. Please let me know if it does!

    Note for Nvidia Shield TV: Game does not show up in main screen. You need to make it visible.

    Your UFO has a force field which helps you to destroy objects, but you also have to dodge moving stars, falling rocks, and semi-friendly green UFOs. Sometimes hostile vessels appears which are out to destroy you, as they relentlessly fire missiles. Also, every once in a while there are challenge levels to boost your points and lives.

    As your force field destroys an object, its pieces can initiate a chain reaction of destruction. This way you can blast your way through some star packed regions, which might seem unsafe at first.
    If you hit something, your force field is temporary destroyed, and you are vulnerable! One piece of your force field is flying directly down, one is going in the upper left direction and the last piece is going in the upper right direction. Use this knowledge to initiate combos of destruction. When you do, your force field is gone as long as the force field pieces are destroying other objects. You cannot directly destroy a (falling) rock or a green UFO, but you can destroy them using a combo. Other objects can be destroyed directly. You can also take one direct hit from the red UFO.

    Combos of destruction will also give you great scores and extra lives. Start the tutorial in the game if you want to know more!

    A strategic game combined with some brutal arcade action, where you need some fast reflexes!
    To get through a level, you must strategically plan your route to get through safely.

    [windows] Use arrow keys, <enter> and <esc>
    [android] Touch the screen on the left or the right side to move your UFO. You can also use most game-pads and keyboards. Touch upper part of screen or use the back button or ESC button to pause game.

    - Strategic and arcade retro action!
    - 100% free: No ads, no in-game purchases!
    - Initiate combos of destruction to rack up points!
    - 3 difficulty levels.
    - Contains tutorial.
    - You can choose fixed levels, and randomly generated levels.
    - 300 fixed levels. After that an unlimited number of randomly generated levels.
    - High score table
    - Continue option


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    Note : The Ouya/Cortex forum solely is for apps that ARE on the Ouya/Cortex discovery.

    Not a bad little game.
    I like the mix of lander and "chain reaction" type things, although maybe a bit too hard with the explosions killing the player. Feels a little too random in places.
    Otherwise, it's a nice little game.
    Jayenkai : Making unpopular games for over two and a half decades!
    OUYA/Cortex/Android TV compatible .apks available here.

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    Must this thread be moved to somewhere else?
    Maybe the "ouya sideloading" subforum?
    Can some moderator move it please if necessary?

    If you hit an object that can be destroyed, your force field will break into 3 pieces : one going down, one going left-up and one going right-up.
    When none of the pieces hit anything, your force field comes back right away.
    When a piece hits something else, the other 2 pieces are destroyed, and the one piece that hit something will break into 3 pieces : one going down, one going left-up and one going right-up. This can cause a chain reaction.
    The explosions themselves do not kill the player.

    When the pieces of your force field are are hitting something in a combo/chainreaction, you wont have a force field around your ufo, and you're vulnerable.
    Everything is deterministic, so nothing random anywhere.
    But, maybe it feels a bit random.
    It's also in the tutorial, but maybe i should make the tutorial better?

    I also carefully constructed all 300 levels to make sure they are possible.
    So, it's a way of strategically planning your way while going down : sometimes avoid, or destroying something on purpose to open up a passage.

    Glad you like it


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