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    MouseTraP [pacman on speed] - OUYA, Razer Forge, Nvidia Shield TV, Windows

    It's a remake of the original game MouseTrap from Exidy on the ColecoVision console in 1982 with loads of extra's! Eat cheesy dots, kill cats, avoid the bird and grab some bonuses on the way to clear the maze.

    [OUYA] :
    [Razer] :
    [Nivia Shield TV (sideload)] :[2.5.2017]_OUYA_SHIELD.apk
    [windows] :[2.5.2017].zip

    Quick controls
    On main screen, use d-pad to change settings.

    U=red door
    Y=yellow door
    A=purple door
    O : turn into dog (when you have at least one red bone collected)
    right shoulder button : pause game

    [Razer Forge/Nvidia Shield TV]
    X=red door
    Y=yellow door
    B=purple door
    A : turn into dog (when you have at least one red bone collected)
    right shoulder button : pause game

    <z>=red door
    <x>=yellow door
    <c>=purple door)
    <v> : turn into dog (when you have at least one red bone collected)
    F4 : swich full screen to window and back
    right shoulder button : pause game

    Use d-pad or arrow keys to control the mouse.
    There are doors in three colors. Each of them can be controlled with the corresponding buttons.
    Use this to avoid or trap in cats in a confined space.

    You can collect red bones. If you have at least one bone, you can change into a dog when you want by pressing the corresponding button.
    Now, you can eat yellow cats! Grey cats cannot be killed.

    There is also a bird. The bird cannot be killed. In some levels the bird can be lightning fast.
    Also, it can go into stealth mode where you only see its shadow, so it is hard to spot.

    Teleports are at your disposal to confuse or avoid your enemies.
    Use the middle teleport to randomly zap to the corners or use the 'pac man' side teleports.
    Using the teleports can confuse the bird so it won't chase you. Grey cats can also use the side teleports.

    There are also one way streets.
    Mouse can only go one way. Cats however can freely move in both directions!

    There is also a confusing "black cat" bonus level! Kill the almost invisible black cat to get a super bonus while avoiding the deadly grey cats.
    Thunder can light up the maze, but it can also be pitch dark...

    Collect bonusses for extra stuff, but a bonus can also be bad news!.

    This is pacman on speed!

    Ingame video

    Key notes
    * Different game modes : arcade/advanced/random and fixed mode.
    * Settings screen where you can set maze type, starting level and difficulty. Difficulty can be set quite high for the hardcore players among us
    * Mouse can move fast thru the maze if done right : e.g. when you go left, and you want to go down the next crossing, you can easily do it by pressing down before the crossing, so you will slide quickly around the corner.
    * Highscore screen.

    More screenshots


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    Now this looks like my kind of game!
    I'm not limited edition. I'm just special.


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