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    [OUYA Controller] Not able to use il Fedora Linux


    I try to use the Ouya Controller on Linux (Fedora 25).

    I comes into the problem that bluetooth require to input the paring code into the controller, but I cannot insert it.

    I see other threads that say to use hidd to the ID of my controller:

    hidd --connect B8:5A:F7:C1:EA:BD
    this command is not available in Fedora, but even if I use the one that comes with Ubuntu, I get:

    Can't get device information: Connection reset by peer
    Here the scan:

    hcitool scan
    Scanning ...
            B8:5A:F7:C1:EA:BD       OUYA Game Controller
    Any idea in how to bypass the code insertion?


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    Hrmmm. You're bouncing between distros. This makes it hard for someone to help. But i'll try..

    Since hidd cannot be found in fedora it sounds like you don't have all your packages in your distro installed to properly use your Ouya Controller. Find the following packages and install them.

    bluetooth bluez-utils blueman
    This should apply to almost every distro out there for anyone attempting this is debian/ubuntu/etc.

    In ubuntu with Connection reset by peer. I've had this error on my raspberry Pi. I had to place my controller into pairing move and then moments the lights changed i passed the hidd connect immediately. This of course is assuming hcitool scan passes on both distros.
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