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    Razer Shuts down Forge TV forum at razer insider.

    Well, so much for the idea of the rest of the ouya titles or pretty much any making its way on to the forge tv cortex store. Razer is trying to make it like the console didnt exist. They said they wanted to double down on the forge after acquiring ouya, but when they were unable to get netflix it seems like they quietly gave up, even giving us a nerfed version of marshmallow without usb storage (although a fan mod did shortly after)

    A powerful capable device but lacking in the software side, still good for hulu, crackle, google play, youtube, kodi, and even android tv games were in your interest, it was a pretty good device. But im willing to bet this is the final straw. How can they keep the service going while completely cutting off support for the device thats supposed to bring them money in that venture. Itd be nice to hear from any of the survivors of team ouya fill us in on what all is happening if anything. If theyre on a burning ship, if theyre even real anymore, or if they got something else in the chutes.

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    Long time no see. Might want to join the convo over in

    The "idea" is still there....

    It's not like they answered questions on their forum anyway. The guy who seemed to be in charge of the product didn't even want to talk about it and hid when questions were asked. They should have had someone there who gave a damn about the product and people who followed through instead of someone who gives passive aggressive answers. I would have taken that job at the time if they needed someone who saw the potential in the product. How do you have a good product and then leave it in the hands of someone who doesn't even want anything to do with it but whatever....

    Good product. Severely neglected.

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    I see no problem with it. When they first showed up here and tried to get people to migrate there it seemed kind spammy to me. It also seemed pointless because there was already for the official stuff that they should have been working on updating and here for the unofficial stuff. So, another site seemed kind of pointless and redundant.

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    So what now? How to set up the marketing for an OUYA / ForgeTV game? HumbleBundle and Sideloading? Or only uploading the games to AndroidTV?

    A Kickstarter again, for more official support on OUYA and Forge? Would it be possible, to get about 1.000 OUYA / ForgeTV users and ask them for 10,- $ for a game? Or would it be possible, to get 5.000 users and ask them for 20,- $? or 10.000 users and ask them for 30,- $?
    I don't know, if there would be 10 users, who are williingly to buy a game for about 5,- $

    The problem I see is, that there are some content creators out there, loving the OUYA and the ForgeTV, but is it possible, to work longer than a weekend or two on a project? And the next problem would be, how to get it on the plattforms.

    I thought about an exclusive title, so if we had a site for the APKs and it would be possible, to protect the APKs from working on other plattforms ... I don't know, the games could be free, or so, but if the OUYA-Forge-Community would work on that, tested the game, participated and so on, it would be not right, to make it also on other plattforms free, because the people on the other plattforms may not helped to get this game done.

    Maybe it doesn't matter, if the game is on other plattforms too. But making the OUYA plattform attractive like Sega Dreamcast or so, would be a great thing, I think.


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