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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayenkai View Post
    My ouya's been locked away in a drawer for the past year or two.
    All testing has been done on a GPDxd, where it has no issues.
    Maybe a Bluetooth thing?! *shrugs* seems an odd game to have it...

    Incidentally, the GPDxd is what I ran your UFO game on, too.
    Works fine, no problems!
    Great, thanks for letting me know!

    OK, get this, now it gets weird!
    The game works no problems with the analog stick, I found out today.
    But with the d-pad it's unplayable. Player stops moving all the time.
    I tried another game with the same controller with the d-pad : works no problem.
    I switch to full bluetooth mode : no difference.
    Switch batteries in controller : no difference.
    Rebooted controller again (removed batteries and paired again) : now game is working with the d-pad !!!

    man, this is really weird, but the good news is, the game is working! And I like the game a lot
    i have no explanation for the weird conduct of this controller?! I'm actually stumped.....
    sorry for the inconvenience...

    Other question about a level in the game: row 6, colomn 7 on the map
    At the top layer, i get stuck : i move up the yellow ladder, and when i go right, there is a spiked wall.
    when i go left there is also a spiked wall, and i cant go down. So i'm stuck here : all i can do is to commit suicide by walking into the wall and die.
    Is this on purpose, or am i missing something? I cant go down a yellow ladder, or can I ?

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    There's plenty of evil traps like that.
    Be sure you make good use of the teensy tiny minimap on the top-right.
    Blue areas should be safe.
    Anything else is at your own peril!
    Jayenkai : Making unpopular games for over two and a half decades!
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