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    Geeky Girlfriend Love Story

    Geeky Girlfriend Love Story

    Oh!! His girlfriend has got so many things to do for the love date which is happening tonight and you need to help her to get herself ready by playing this Geeky Girlfriend Love Story game. Oh!! She has just woken up and she is looking very ugly and you need to help her make hair, brushing teeth, cleaning cloths and much more. The room is also dirty and you need to help her to clean her room and also catch the books in a basket carefully. Then you need to wash the leg and perform the back spa. Do some work out and help her to get in the shape. Her hand is also dirty, so help her to wash it and try to shape the nails and also select the perfect outfit for her. After that perform some makeover activities and at the end don't forget to click some cool photographs of her.


    - Provide her juice
    - Enjoy the date at the restaurant
    - Win the prom queen award
    - Burn some calories with the help of treadmill
    - Clean the room
    - Play lots of interesting mini game with books

    I think you all love this game. Give me suggestions regarding this game. It's really helpful to me. Thank you so much friends..

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    Are you releasing this on the Cortex store, or only Google Play?
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