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    Samurai Plat - Jayenkai/AGameAWeek

    He comes with a sword to claim his reward...

    Platdude dons his Samurai outfit, and prepares to battle against stone statues!

    Fight the rocks, avoid the darts, and beware the evil flower things that shoot out of the floor!!
    Along the way, be sure to gather up all the blue spheres, because Platdude sure does love blue spheres..
    Mmm.. Blue!

    You can find the game over on the site, and additionally on the Razer Cortex Games Forge TV page.
    If you'd rather grab the .apk, the Win.exe or play it in your browser, you can begin your quest on my Game Archive.
    Jayenkai : Making unpopular games for over two and a half decades!
    OUYA/Cortex/Android TV compatible .apks available here.

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    Yay Platdude <3 - Updated 1/10/2016
    PC & Mac games - Updated more frequently
    OUYA games I've had a hand in: Slashers: The Power Battle (voice actor), Battle High 2 (casting/marketing director, voice actor), Astra Etherium (voice actor)
    OUYA games published: Shady's Poopong: 22nd Anniversary Edition, Chomperman


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