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    I have slowed down working on this. But still do.

    I also got a bit tired updating social networks.
    It's like twitter is 1% for updating on my game, 99% getting furious about other people's post.
    So I logged out twitter and facebook and erased the passwords from chrome.
    I think if I post something it's mostly on IndieDB, and even then, I think I will be less worried about gaining "fans". As it's just too much energy wasting to post too many updates for fans.
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    I have updated the web build at:

    I don't know how you clean the cache for the webpage, but make sure you are not running an older version.
    You could use incognito mode, but then once you close the page your save file will be lost.

    Arrow keys and A, D to walk
    Space to melee attack.
    Right ctrl to shoot.
    Mouse to skip dialog, select items and select choices.

    Do notice it's probably more fun to wait for the final game to have your first play, so playing incremental builds might ruin your fun from the final product.
    I could use some feedback, but one or two good feedback is enough. So don't feel compelled to volunteer. heh.

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    cool, Pompipompi
    Don't worry about people, the world is full of anxious, stupidly furious people. You must work on your project as frequently as you can, without too much pressure. I'm more of the side of "it's done when it's done".
    If you make it still on PC, let me know (because I don't use OUYA now, and I haven't cortex)
    see u
    If you don't try, you'll never know.

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    I think I want one or two people to try out my game.
    It's on unity so I even have a web version, so you don't even need to download anything to your computer.
    Any volunteers?
    The game is not complete yet, but has quite some content already.


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