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    Miraceulund(working title)

    I am working on a new fantasy RPG made with unity.
    The game is an action RPG with a wolfenstein like perspective.
    Many things are not final yet so I will just put some screenshots for now.

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    1 members found this post helpful.
    Can't wait to see it in action.

    Good luck getting it finished, and hopefully up in the Cortex store!
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    Thanks, here is a little gif I made. Not showing much though...

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    Very nice!
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    Thanks guys.
    You can now try out a very early build in your browser(the wonders of unity).
    You might need to go in incognito just in case there is something cached or if you played a previous game of mine on that page.
    Anyway, if you get an error try incognito.

    Arrow keys and D, A to walk
    Space bar to attack.
    Mouse click to skip dialog and select yes/no.

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    Hi Pompipompi,
    just tried it, cool
    If you don't try, you'll never know.

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    I am trying to maintain an IndieDB pate with updates and progress:

    It's called "Klalha" now btw. Klalha is curse in Hebrew, basically.

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    I really dig the visual style of this! Any idea when you will have an Android version ready to roll?
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    The game is not ready yet.
    I uploaded a WIP build.
    An Android build would be easy because it's unity.
    If you mean a build for a micro console it's even easier because I can rely on having a gamepad. For phones it will require more work to figure out the touch interface.
    Thanks for your feedback.

    Also, a bit more busy with work lately, so less time to work on this. But I am working on this.

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    I am having a bit of an issue with the gameplay.
    The issue is that it's quite easy to walk around most of the monsters.
    But I guess that's common for a lot of the games. If you don't kill monsters you don't level up.
    Also I made that you can't open chests and stuff when there are monsters around or chasing you.

    For now it's fine I guess...

    Also, I wanted to make a bigger monster, like a giant or a troll so I made this "Raclop":



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