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    Skully scape numbers

    I noticed this comment wasnt correctly placedn in the game thread, so i decided to put it here for others developers to see.
    and players too, because of the circle no gamers - no devs - no games ... no gamers

    just a copy paste, because im lazy:

    I wanted to test if the Forge was as Dead as people was saying and it seems it is.

    you would expect that the forge owners would be really hungry for new games, but it seems that they are not the captive public everyone thinks.

    you would argue the low quality of my game or the price, but anyways, im not explaining the experiment, nor my conclusions. im just giving you the real numbers.

    the most important one, the one that say it all is the amount of reproductions in the vimeo video, it doesnt reach 50.

    so here you have it.

    3 weeks
    2 people got the game
    the video has less than 50 reproductions.

    you make your own conclusions.

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    I think a big problem for a lot of the Forge owners is that they've already given up on the machine and moved on (either to the Shield or 'mainstream' consoles) - it's mostly the remaining ouya owners that still check for new games, and even then there's many that still forget about Cortex and go straight to Google Play... which is a bit of a shame in itself. I can only assume that the plans to get cortex on other Android TV boxes like the Shield & Nexus player have stalled (or are moving at Razer's standard glacial speed). As for the video, platform may help - do you have the same video on youtube? it may get a bigger audience there - the Skully Scape video you have on Youtube currently is unlisted, and that has nearly 30 views already - plus if you poke the Ouya/Razer teams on twitter or something, I'm sure they'd retweet your trailer about as well!
    I'm no expert on this - but I've been helping the guys at R and R Digital with trying to promote their new game since I was testing, and it seemed really hard trying to get people to notice it at all! But best of luck
    Hmmm... good signatures are hard to come by...

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    yeah, the youtube video has been watched by me, some friends and the people of this forum. i didnt made it public because the game is not available for other platforms.

    the one that is reproduced by the forge when you go to the "new releases" is the vimeo one, and that is the one that has not reached 50 views.

    the game was there first place on "new releases" for a few days, i dont think a tweet from razer will make any difference.

    also... why dont they tweet about every new release? if it were my console i would.

    seems like razer is no longer interseted in the forge.

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    For comparison, here's a chaotic graph of the insanity of my games.
    Just 2017
    (The 4 links at the bottom will switch between the four available graphs, Accumulative, Daily, Daily (All) and Total)

    You'll notice that I'm still getting a nice average of 4 or 5 downloads a day in the Daily (All) graph.
    There are spikes, those are nice to see.
    But.. Yeah.. It's not the 30/40 average a day that I was getting in the OUYA's heydays..

    (and if you want the whole shebang, From the Beginning.. But be warned, it's about half a meg, and the graphs are totally unreadable!!!)

    Also, be aware all my games are free, and these are merely downloads. If I attempted to make people pay for my hastily bodged together, weekly games, I'd expect about 1% of those figures!!!
    Jayenkai : Making unpopular games for over two and a half decades!
    OUYA/Cortex/Android TV compatible .apks available here.

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    well you got more downloads than i got video reproductions.

    like 500 times more.

    and both things are free xD

    though, some of your games are worth paying for.

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    Im the type who sees it, makes a mental note, and gets around to trying it a year or two later. You should see my Steam wishlist! Not sure my type ever figures into the numbers.
    OUYA console to become doorstop when store server shuts down. But since it seems to be safe so far, we just need a place to collect new (and updated?) OUYA titles.
    Have you made your game sideload-able for OUYA hardware? Put it on, then let me know and i'll add it to a collection we can all link to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xAD View Post
    Im the type who sees it, makes a mental note, and gets around to trying it a year or two later. You should see my Steam wishlist! Not sure my type ever figures into the numbers.
    I do the same thing...had a few shmups on my list for over a year then pulled the trigger during the winter sale since I got the reminders.

    I'm not a Steam user so that might not count. I have about 10 games through Twitter contests and the 5 or so i bought in the sale.

    But if the video isnt public no one will see it. Doesnt matter if its a soft launch or not. Just state where its available and people will get it, look for it or ask if it'll be somewhere else which gets you more potential future eyeballs

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    I feel like a rare breed. I'm one of them. It's sad really. It's a quality hard as bricks title. I tried hard to support the devs for the console. I bought a lot during ouya days and continued to support cortex. I am/was really looking forward to your latest title too. I think the forge with cortex was good enough as a cheap game system, but for lots of Android tv users especially on the forge forums, they only cared about the tv functions and not so much the games.
    It's a bummer. I still get a good use out of my forge, but it's definitely gonna be essential for devs for provide cross platform support to other ATV boxes, and Razer will need to try to port/license Cortex to the Shield tv and Mibox if they want any return on their investment. It's sad. They did a nice thing I think, or did it for a tax loss like how the mall in my old town is still open after all these years of deadness.


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