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    whats the best video player app for ouya that can be sideloaded ?

    vlc ? mx player? other?

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    This really depends on what you want. I would say plex, though I personally like having all the media managed on a central server and a very clean UI to go on the OUYA. Another option is KODI, which will play almost anything.

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    I second KODI.
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    Yes, Kodi is great. It will play all your files but since the OUYA only can run an older version you may not get all the plug ins and such fro streaming online. Home network stuff works forever.

    Oh and you don't have to side-load it. it is in the store.

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    I thought Semper was the preferred kodi-based media player? Especially since it has full controller support etc. Is there a better version of kodi to use?
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    I used Semper on one OUYA and Discover kodi on another and never really noticed much difference for my use. Both support playing local media files over a network and both have full controller support. I forget what the difference in the split was but they both work well.

    Since I'm lazy it was kinda nice to just use the one in the store.


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