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Thread: Skully Scape

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    Skully Scape

    Skully Scape is a *very hard* platform game where you have to avoid traps to safely reach the ending of each level.

    The story behind SS:
    some time ago, may be 3 years, i was curious about android development, (not only OUYA, also playstore) and had many questions.

    the thing with software developers in general is that they never gave you full answers, they would only give you the intro and pretend to have been given you a full detailed answer. So i understood that the only way to answer all of the questions i had was to make a game for myself.

    and so i did, i didnt want to make something original, but i didnt want to make a flappy bird clone either, so i looked until i found "world hardest game" a very old flash game and i decided to just clone it, in fact the first level of SS is the very same first level of WHG.

    i put a lot of effort into it, i learned a lot, and answered all the questions i had, and i released the game on the google playstore.
    of course, never did any advertising on the game or anything. it wasnt a good game to be played in mobile, it had a virtual joystick but the movement was kinda bad and the jumping was bad... etc. and that was the end, i forgot about the game and moved on.

    when i saw "captain toad" on wiiu i felt i could have done much better with ss, but didnt have the time.

    right now, with blastwave command stalled because of 2 unity bugs. i decided to go back and "polish" ss, and at the same time i could do a lot of testing with lightning, which is harder in bwc because of the poligon count.
    and so i did, i added dynamic lights, lightmaps, improved the controller, and the jumping, and the result is amazing. it is actually pretty fun to play with a controller.

    and also, i learned a lot about lightning and shaders, which is going to be reflected into bwc very soon.

    the last step to have all my questions answered was tu put it on the cortex store, i would learn about the process (in which jayenkai is an expert) and also, i would check if the cortex store is as dead as it looks.

    and thats it!

    what do you think?

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    OUYA Developer Jayenkai's Avatar
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    Excellent work!

    Looks fantastic, and has just the right amount of danger for my liking
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    OUYAForum Fan Isaac H.'s Avatar
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    Oh yeah, i remember playing that "World's Hardest Game", very simple but fun.

    This looks really good, I'll be sure to try it out soon
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    OUYAForum Fan wienersoup's Avatar
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    Yeah ill pick it up.

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    if somebody actually plays it, please give me your feedback.

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    Is there an .apk I can sideload on my Ouya? I'll play it!

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    it wont run on ouya
    may be it could, by removimg all the lightning...


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    Ooooo. Fire!
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    So it's on Google Play then?
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    no its not, google removed it because of privacy policy things.
    right now is only on cortex

    and anyways, it wasnt that fun to play with a virtual joystick

    (or may be it was because the movement was broken)


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