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Thread: Skully Scape

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    OK... this looks like a reason to dust off that Razer box

    Isn't that weird? I have two Forges and both are stowed away, but I still have two OUYAs readily installed...
    So many games, so little time...

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    You've been OtakuPunk'd!
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    oh... i missed that message, i just noticed you posted it.

    so... he was one of the 2 people who actually got the game.

    yes, only 2 people xD. (after 3 weeks)

    I wanted to test if the Forge was as Dead as people was saying and it seems it is.

    you would expect that the forge owners would be really hungry for new games, but it seems that they are not the captive public everyone thinks.

    you would argue the low quality of my game or the price, but anyways, im not explaining the experiment, nor my conclusions. im just giving you the real numbers.

    the most important one, the one that say it all is the amount of reproductions in the vimeo video, it doesnt reach 50.

    so here you have it.

    3 weeks
    2 people got the game
    the video has less than 50 reproductions.

    you make your own conclusions.

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    So low? F*ck.

    Actually I like the game, but my Forge is not installed at the moment, that's why I don't get new games on it. After the storage disaster, I moved to the Shield.
    Will you publish it on Google Play? I would also love to put it as a sideload on my good old OUYA, if it works...
    So many games, so little time...

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    i dont own a shield to test the controllers properly
    and looking at the numbers it doesnt looks like its worth it.... or may be it is?

    exporting it of ouya would require time for testing the frame rate, removing the lights and adding a fake shadow that would have to behave correctly when skully jumps... so... it wont happen soon. but its totally a project for the future.

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    Can't be submitted for OUYA anyway unless they make an exception or something.

    Finally had time to do something besides work work and work. Played the game.



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