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    Anybody out there?

    Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is anybody home?

    Well folks, to say the least things look bleak. While the occasional game trickles in, but our consoles not even really being available anymore as it seems Razer has abandoned the Forge TV short of shuttind down the servers (which thankfully has shown no signs of happening and i had to redownload all my ouya games, and forum members disappearing and no longer posting. It seems the great experiment is over. While the gaming media pronounced ouya dead in the water i still bought the system about 6 months after its release and in that time saw the game library double from now till close over the next couple years. I visited these forums daily to read about the new titles that opened up in discover. Conversed directly with many talented folks who punk rocked their way into the gaming community, listed the (RIP) Ouyacast each week, chimed in on some group chats. It seems the great experiment is all but marked time of death. I havent seen any input from Razer or Ouya team in months on either here or the Razer Insider forum. A time ago i asked a Razer person what they next had in mind for the forge after the marshmallow update and was told they had Netflix on the cusp of working and would be releasing it soon, but then they stopped the Forge sales, and inquiries about the status of the project went unanswered. A memeber of the Razer forum was able to hack a version of Marshmallow that mimicked the miibox for Netflix support though it didnt work for me, but at least i could get proper usb storage solutions. And today, while the Cortex seems to be chilling in a retirement home, at the end of the day i got an android tv box with still a good amount of games and hours behind it. And the play store support continues on. (Though i wonder how many games the Shield is getting that we may not be.)

    Im not trying to eulogize. I guess it just seems like couple years ago was even simpler time when still some hope trickled in. Now i lurk and see days of no discussions. Faces not seen in long time. A lack of long diatribes of Schizophretard followed by RiotingSpectre going "wtf are you talking about?" I miss it. I really liked this gathering of people who were able to get together over something so simple as and underloved, super flawed console, but that still just brought a fresh feeling to games. Really for the first time giving me a great appreciation for the hard work indie developers put in, the joy of playing games that wouldve been phenominal 20 years ago and made by bigger staffs getting matched by small teams and individuals with no guarantee of a proper income from it. As a music fan and a musician this struck a chord to me. (No pun intended.) I found myself buying a lot of games just to chip a couple dollars in to show hey "thanks for doing what you do"

    And i regret deciding i couldnt afford an ouya hoodie when i had it in my cart ready to click order. Missed opportunities. Though i did score a cool Crystal Picnic tee from Newskool.

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    Watching and waiting.
    "But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
    "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."
    "How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
    "You must be," said the Cat, "otherwise you wouldn't have come here."

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    What he said...
    Hmmm... good signatures are hard to come by...

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    Don't worry. I'm still making games! And at least other slow developer's planning to release a game, eventually!!
    And, so far at least, TeamOUYA are still reviewing my games, so they're still alive.

    This isn't the end. It's just the eye of the storm!

    TShirts available here.
    (I could do with designing more of those..)
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    Jayenkai : Making unpopular games for over two and a half decades!
    OUYA/Cortex/Android TV compatible .apks available here.

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    I still hop on to check out what the OUYA/Forge community is talking about. Not a lot but a trickle nonetheless.

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    To be honest we need to work on a custom ROM that anyone can deploy ez on their current console...
    1- If you are good at coding... You should help out with this.
    2- If you are good in design assets, you should help out with this.
    3- If you are able to pay for a Droplet / VPS / GoDaddy hosting you should give it away to help people that can dev interesting services do it.
    4- Don't expect this console to be able to have AAA gaming title, it lacks power like a lot!
    5- If we would be able to make a good solid Custon ROM that people can trust to work 100% of the time, we could convince people that an Ouya II ( made by Razer ) could be possible and with the new revision, have enough power to ask publishers like Ubisoft to port some of their titles to this android console... EA already push SIM City and other games to android as well as RockStar so having big publishers on android is DOABLE!


    [DEV TEAM]
    Coders :
    Java : Me,
    C/C++ : Me ( rusted )
    Drivers Dev(s). :

    [Design People]
    Assets Maker :
    Idea Brainwashers :

    Hardware / Software Angels :
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    That's all I got.

    Nothing to add.

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    Almost exactly how I feel, I miss those days...
    "When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead!"- Barney Stinson

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    I'll still be around as long as there is a here to be around. Just don't generally say a lot.
    OUYA console to become doorstop when store server shuts down. But since it seems to be safe so far, we just need a place to collect new (and updated?) OUYA titles.
    Have you made your game sideload-able for OUYA hardware? Put it on, then let me know and i'll add it to a collection we can all link to.


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