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    Discovered a new Feature on my Forge TV!

    Perhaps I was just living under a rock to not know this but the Forge can be used just like a Chromecast!

    I still use mine for Kodi and some light gaming but it is nice to know that this works.

    Just passing the info along...if you were in the know...move along...nothing to see here.

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    I love this feature. It was actually one of the reasons I switched over from the OUYA (that, and the hope of improved performance, under the pretense that the games I played would actually be available on this platform, but I don't want to get off topic).

    I still send YouTube videos to Kodi rather than casting them, but it's very handy when other people come over, that they can simply push media to my TV without needing some special app or setup. The OUYA could do this for a short time thanks to CheapCast, but Google blocked that in most apps.

    A nice tip, if you were not aware, many videos from webpages can be casted via Chromecast if you are on Firefox (not sure if Chrome can do this). It's sometimes nice to just pull them up from a browser rather than installing another app for another website. Or you can cast your whole screen, but it's usually a bit laggy.

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    I have always known about this feature on the Shield but, unlike Razer, Nvidia actually communicates to their user base about their product instead of leaving them in the dark to discover everything.

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    How's that rock? Is it furnished?

    If you ever notice the screensaver it mentions casting.

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    i didnt knew about this, i also know nothing about chromecast.

    how can i get use of this?

    where is this "cast" application?

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    Quote Originally Posted by meganuke View Post
    i didnt knew about this, i also know nothing about chromecast.

    how can i get use of this?

    where is this "cast" application?
    Connect your phone, or whatever devices you plan to cast, to the same WiFi network as your Forge and hit the "Cast" option/button. If your device is old, you can download the Google Home app from the Play Store and use that.
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