Merry Christmas!!

It's time for my annual "Collexion" Advent Calendar.
This year, a slightly more frantic collection, as you compete against 3 computer players to try and be the best!

Over the course of Advent 2016, each of the games will unlock, leaving behind a crazy collection of minigames for you to enjoy forever!

You can grab Gamma Collexion from the Razer site.
If you'd prefer the apk, to play it in your browser, or a Windows version, you can find those on my Jayenkai Archive.


An Apology

I started this project intending for it to be a crazy multiplayer collection of insanity.
As much as I stuck to that, and it "almost" worked, the insanity was all too much..
In the end, my multiplayer code broke.

Over the past few days, I've tried a multitude of ways to repair the issue, but the controller code is still very much broken.
As a result, you're stuck playing alone, with little CPU players filling up the other three empty player seats.

I can't apologise enough for this having broken so badly.

Over the coming weeks, I'm rewriting a lot of (..most of!!) my Framework, in preparation for 2017. Whilst doing so, I'm hoping to find a quick and easy way to repair the multiplayer code in this game.
If I can find a way to do it, I'll instantly upload a fix.
Until then, you're just going to have to battle against the bots.