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Thread: It's dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
    Can't let facts get in the way of hysteria...
    The Forge TV is now totally pulled from the Razer store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knaart View Post
    The Forge TV is now totally pulled from the Razer store.
    Yes, it is. You can buy Cortex store credit and controllers but not the actual system.

    I also got a notice to test out a new version of Cortex for PC. I wonder if they are now fully focused on the software side of it?
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    Hm. The only question about this seems to me if this means there will be an updated box or no box anymore.

    Isn't Cortex for PC something completely different?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
    When you can't even get Chrome or Firefox ATV ready there's an issue. Chrome is a Google product so that one doesn't even make any damned sense.
    It makes perfect sense. All of Google's apps that make sense for a TV they make Android TV ready. A browser that works best with a keyboard and mouse doesn't make sense for use with a controller and/or remote. What makes sense is having dedicated web apps like, for an example, their YouTube app instead of watching YouTube on Chrome in an unoptimized for TV web version way. It is like that with all streaming apps. You don't watch the web version of Netflix on Android TV through Chrome but the web app Android TV version. In other words, they don't want you to go into a browser because the Android TV Leanback Launcher is like the browser for getting your entertainment through browsing it for web apps instead of websites. Besides, Android TV comes with Chromecast functionality. So, if you want Chrome to show up on your TV then you just cast it onto it. That is one of the reasons Chromecast functionality is there. If an app works best controlled by a phone/tablet or by a keyboard like Chrome then you cast it from and control it from those devices. But if an app works best with a controller and/or remote then that makes sense as an optimized Android TV app.

    Think of it this way, if Google was to make an Android TV version of Chrome that have all the requirements to be considered optimized for Android TV at the same standards they put on any other app while at the same time functioning well at displaying and controlling any website then what would be the point of having Android TV apps for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, Vudu, Showtime, Pandora, etc.? If the answer is that there would be no point then devs would have no reason to optimize apps for Android TV. If the answer is that there would still be a point because the apps would be more optimized for TV than using them on Chrome then that would mean that Google was unsuccessful at optimizing Chrome for Android TV in the first place because it wouldn't be able to display these sites in the same optimized way as they would as separate Android TV web apps.

    So, it makes absolutely no sense for Google to make an Android TV version of Chrome.

    Now if you want to argue that Google isn't doing a good enough job on making the Android TV version of Google Play have more and better categories, every game/app for it easily discoverable, have no need to do voice searches for hidden games/apps that you can't find in the categories, etc. then I think you would be making a good point about them poorly supporting Android TV because Google Play on it is horrible. That argument would make sense to me because that is the store for the platform. But no Android TV version of Chrome? That argument makes no sense to me. Android TV is meant for consuming media and games on a TV. It isn't meant to be a Chromebook.

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    Dang.... That was fast. Thought the ForgeTV was like a year ago. I'm way out of the loop on this one. So is OUYA publishing just a mobile publisher now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by littletinmangames View Post
    Dang.... That was fast. Thought the ForgeTV was like a year ago. I'm way out of the loop on this one. So is OUYA publishing just a mobile publisher now?
    Ehh. More for the android tv than mobile. Remember, Ouya was all about the couch and local multiplayer. So they got some 4 player type games under their moniker than were multiplats for their Cortex store which is still getting releases trickling in. I hope to see the Cortex store get some cross platform support. Since they no longer been selling the Forge tv as of late.

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