Someone has figured out a storage method but of course a warning comes with that. You can possibly brick your box.
(This is not my method so don't ask me for the info. That will need to be directed to Gabriel who came up with it. You can see him on the Razer forum or Razer community on G+)



Well, guys the day has come finally we have support for USB devices, including the MarshMallow killer feature "Adoptable Storage".

It' s been alot of work to get this working! Reading and digging , trying and failing, but finally with success...

This is a patched boot.img, with the correct mount point for usb devices, nothing else, no kernel config has, still no cherry picks on that side..

Let's Start!

I am not responsible for bricked devices or dead USB sticks. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this IMAGE before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications. YOUR WARRANTY WILL BE VOID!


Enable Adb Debugging

Unlock your bootloader

REMINDER: The following steps probably will destroy all data on your Forge. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Type "adb reboot bootloader"

Once in the bootloader (black screen with Razer logo only):

Type "fastboot oem unlock" and "fastboot reboot bootloader" (or just reboot if you want to back to Android Tv)

At this point you have 2 methods to flash my modified boot image.


- Flash my ported twrp (search in the community, forum or google how to flash a recovery)
- Download
- Flash the zip with TWRP
- Reboot to System
- Done!


- Download adoptable_boot_image_by_gabrielgagz.img
- Enable adb and type in a terminal "adb reboot bootloader"
- Once in fastboot type "fastboot flash boot adoptable_boot_image_by_gabrielgagz.img"
- Reboot to System
- Done!

That's it! Once in ATV system you have to go to storage settings and use the usb as you want, external or adoptable.
If you choose adoptable, and your internal disk is almost full, it will take a while to transfer all files. Please be patient.

NOTE: If you previously flashed supersu, you have to reflash after the boot image


If you like this work you can contribute via paypal, i spent several hours of my free time doing this!

Donation Link: