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Thread: OUYA emulator

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    I'm just going to throw this in here. But for those individuals trying out the Ouya Anywhere on an android 5.0 box which is not tailored for gaming. You are going to have to download some .KL files to get your controllers to behave. and the default CM11 .KL files will not work as Android 5.0 really hates holding down multiple keys like what the Ouya home button does in android 4.1 . Android 5 hates it so much it will reject the Ouya .KL file and use a generic crippled .KL file instead which makes games really really suck.

    Found this out the hard way with my Amazon tablet and corrected the .KL file for the Ouya controller.
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    In curious about putting ouya anywhere on the forge considering the controllers are already accepted by the console, and my current ouya seems to be pooping out on me. Anyone tried it yet?

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