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    Can i put links in signatures?

    Possibly an admission of my own ineptitude, but can I put a link in my signature? I don't know whether I just can't do it or I'm simply not allowed to!
    Hmmm... good signatures are hard to come by...

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    Yeah, most people tend to put their links into their sigs, be it to their homepage or their twitter/youtube/facebook account, or whatever else might be worth adding down there.

    For the most part it's skipped past by most users, and only clicked by those who are actually interested to know more.

    IMO : (Although I'm not an admin, here!) it's better to put a link in your sig and then be a social poster on the forum, so that people might occasionally see your link and wonder what it's all about, than to be one of those spammy people who only ever show up to post about their own linked stuff.

    I definitely don't do that!!
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    Looks like I can't do it - "BB code url is not allowed"
    Hmmm... good signatures are hard to come by...

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    We had a whole lot of spambots previously that were keeping their posts innocuous (but useless/nonsensical), but then putting spammy links in their signatures.
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    Where/what are you trying to link to? It should still work, but if not one of us can edit it in.
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    I've been playing around with Playboard to create a list of decent games that play well on the Forge (you can see the generated image that is currently in my signature) and I was just trying to add the link for that in as well - but I couldn't tell if I was just being dense or whether I wasn't allowed to do it
    Hmmm... good signatures are hard to come by...


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