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    Duelo A Muerte - JDSoft

    Duelo A Muerte (Deathmatch)

    "Duelo a muerte" (Deathmatch) is a 2-player competitive game where there is only a rule: Kill or die.
    If you hate complex games controlled with a lot of buttons and just want a simple game for you and your brother/girlfriend/uncle/neighbour? Then check this game, because simpler doesn't mean worse. There are only two buttons for action: jump and shoot.

    • Five different weapons
    • A lot of powerups and curses
    • Game modes: Player VS Player, Player VS CPU
    • CPU player with 3 skill levels (Easy - Hard - Killer)
    • Update (V1.6): Up to 4 arenas to play!

    Download Duelo a Muerte
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    Update V1.1.0 now available on Cortex (but it isn't listed on OUYA )

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    Update V1.6 now available on Cortex

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    Im gonna have to give this a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wienersoup View Post
    Im gonna have to give this a try.

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    Thanks wienersoup. All comments are welcome

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    I need to fire up my Forge meow!
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    For those who still having an OUYA, here's a link to APK. Unfortunately, the game isn't showed on Discover section.


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