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    not yet!

    currently chasing bugs, adding more FX and waiting for the sound guy.

    oh, and fixing the last boss, that is a mother fucker asshole.
    i think we will make a new trailer with launch date next week.

    fingers crossed!!!

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    still no launch date in the horizon.
    the sound guy is taking forever, but the quality of the game in general has improved a lot.
    may be 4 to six weeks, if he stops lazing around.

    in any case, we have one bug caused by unity and i dont think we can ship the game with it. we looked in google and found some people with the same problem but the unity people said nobody sent a bug report, so we did.
    and now we are crossing fingers.

    we have had time to optimize, but we need even more... i dont want to sacrifice the real time lights
    so far 40 fps in the best moments and 15 in the worse, which is unplayable.

    still working on it!!

    if anyone has any advice for optimizing shaders, i would appreciate it!
    (we are using shaderforge shader and manually optimizing it)

    so... what do you think?
    is this a game you would want to play?
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    Well I'm looking forward to it!
    Hmmm... good signatures are hard to come by...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanderten50 View Post
    Well I'm looking forward to it!
    Me too! Always looking for a good BLAST!
    So many games, so little time...

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    So you're also waiting on people...I never thought I'd still be in alpha mode at this point.
    Looks good so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
    So you're also waiting on people...I never thought I'd still be in alpha mode at this point.
    Looks good so far.
    but im actually paying this people...

    you would have thought that if you pay people their actual rates you wouldnt have to wait...

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    Definitwly want to play this

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    good news!!

    some tweaking:
    reduced shadow quality
    set maximun dynamic lights to 5
    and some other minor fixes with very little impact in visual quality aaaaannnndddd....

    60 fps!
    and it goes down to 25 in the worse moments, but it doesnt get unplayable anymore!

    ill try to improve it a little more later, for now this will do.

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    Nice! Looks sharp.


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