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    App Request for Nexus Player/ Shield TV owners

    Could someone who has either of these devices possibly download the DisneyLife app and send me a copy of the apk?
    (You don't need to subscribe to DL to install it in case anyone is worried)
    I've been wrangling with Disney support over their definition of "Supports Android TV"... since it didn't seem to include the Forge and I sent several emails trying to convince them it *was* actually an Android TV device - fast forward to today, they have finally acknowledged it is an Android TV device and promptly listed it as 'not supported'. Yet, (you guessed it) the Nexus Player and Shield TV are perfectly compatible?
    I've tried sideloading the mobile version, which installs and seems to work fine but without any controller support - I'd like to see if the Nexus/Shield app can be used on the Forge with controller support...
    So pretty please ladies and gents?
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    I just checked, and it doesn't seem to be available in the shield tv store. It's also unavailable for remote download for any device of mine (phone, tablet, shield tv, nexus player) on the google play website when I checked on my pc. Is it perhaps region locked? I'm in the US.
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    Rats... my bad, looks like you're right - it's UK only at the moment
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