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    I ain't believin' a damn thing about this NX thing until it's official. Anyone can have "sources" these days that they're not willing to divulge. While understandably it'd be normally to protect someone who could lose their job or get sued for breaking NDA, I've seen too many times where it's been code for "made up garbage".

    Quote Originally Posted by Warzard View Post
    I don't think they like Kid Icarus or something. Of all the recurring Nintendo characters Pitt is the least used.
    Kid Icarus is a shyte game. Plus I'd say Stanley the Bugman is used far less. - Updated 1/10/2016
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    I'd say the TV docking part will have processing power also. Just a hunch

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    Assuming these and other rumors are true this is my thoughts on it:

    For the most part I think I like the idea. The strategy of making it a handheld that you can put into console mode like a Shield Portable or Tablet makes sense. Microsoft never entered the handheld market and Sony is exiting but Nintendo is doing okay with the 3DS. But because of mobile gaming becoming more popular than any handheld console ever Nintendo has to do something big with their next handheld to make it competitive with gaming on phones and tablets.

    If it has the Tegra X1 or possibly X2 in it then it would graphically blow away current phones and tablets and if it comes with 32GB cartridges then it can have much bigger games also because no one is going to fill up their 32GB MicroSD card for their phone just for one game while spending the time it would take to download that. Also, since most tablets don't come with a controller but the NX will that will allow more than just touch gaming. So, with just those things alone with Nintendo first party titles it would stay very relevant and competitive with the mobile market.

    It likely still wouldn't get much third party support of games from the PS4 and XBOX ONE but with its form factor it probably wouldn't need to. The main reason people want a Nintendo console that is basically a PS4 with Nintendo games on it is because they want just one console instead of buying a Wii U for Nintendo tiles and a PS4 for third party titles. But with the NX being a little but pretty powerful handheld that has a tiny footprint for a dock it would be easier to justify the purchase of both,"My PS4 is my TV console but my NX is my handheld console for Nintendo games but if I want to I could still play it on my TV with that little dock or I could have my kids play with it as a handheld while I play my PS4." In other words, the justification for owning both wouldn't be much different than those who own both a PS4 and a tablet which I bet are a whole lot more than those that own both a PS4 and a Wii U.

    However, they may still get a lot of third party support but from elsewhere for their online shop like Android and iOS controller games, indie Steam games, slightly older but not outdated games, games from PS4's and XBOX ONE's online stores, etc. Basically the kind of games that we wanted on or have on the OUYA and the kind of games that Nvidia has and wants for the Shield. In other words, there could be a strong indie console side to it. Especially since it would use the Tegra X1. That may make porting relatively easy. If people are seeing how well Nintendo titles run on a handheld with a Tegra X1 then manufacturers may think,"We got to add that into our next phones, tablets, Chromebooks, etc.!" and if there are all of these devices out there with the X1 in it then developers may think,"We need to make games for all these X1 devices and if we are going to do that then we might as well develop for the NX also since it has the same chip!"

    Since it would act as both their console and handheld they wouldn't have to develop for both like they do with the Wii U and 3DS. They would just have to develop for one device which would mean more first party titles and getting them more quickly.

    The X1 can do 4K. This would allow for 4K Netflix along with other high quality media streaming apps. It would be able to beat both the PS4 and XBOX ONE in this area. At least in their current iterations. And with either of them you can't watch movies in your lap with headphones on.

    The X1 can run emulators of practically everything. So, that may add more to the Virtual Console and/or just emulate what is already there better.

    If they market it right as being more of a handheld and successor to the 3DS than the Wii U then it would be almost immune to criticisms of not being as powerful as the XBOX ONE and PS4 because it would almost be like criticizing the 3DS for the same thing now. A better comparison would be comparing it to other mobile devices for handheld gaming which it would clearly be more powerful and suitable for gaming than any other phone or tablet. It would likely get a lot of the higher quality games from those platforms and run them better too. The same for high quality controller games on micro-consoles like the Fire TV for an example. If people say those games being on it would make it a tablet and/or a micro-console then that can be easily refuted by the facts that it is running Nintendo's own OS, that it is a handheld, that Nintendo has a history of making handhelds, and that they were making handhelds before tablets even existed by decades. And if someone says,"Well, that all is still proof that Nintendo is exiting the TV console market." then that can be refuted by,"No, because it can also be played on a TV. It is a balance between a merger of both their console and handheld efforts into one platform. That is something neither Sony or Microsoft are doing."

    I also like the code name "NX". I think it should be the official name,"The Nintendo NX!". It has that NES or N64 feel to it mixed with something futuristic and mysterious. It is infinitely better than Wii and Wii U. Maybe in Japan those translate to sounding cool but not here.

    Now to the things that I don't know if I would like:

    I know it is just mock ups but the controller coming off the sides to form two seems odd to me. I don't get how that would work with multiplayer. A game that uses the whole controller for single player but half a controller for multiplayer? Would the multiplayer game be more simplified than the single player game? Or would it be more like you actually buy a second controller(two more halves), they click together to form a controller without the tablet part, then you take off the two halves on the tablet and click them together to form the first player controller, and then both players have two full controllers but share the tablet screen or TV? If it is this later one then I may like that but each player getting half a controller seems more like something you would do if you were playing more simplified games like an NES game on the Virtual Console than something you would do to have two player on a game that normally has both halves for single player. It would be cool though if they had different halves you could buy to build your own controller by mixing them. For an example, maybe you prefer both thumb sticks at the top, or the bottom, or diagonal. Customizing the controller in ways like that may be cool.

    The size may be an issue. If it is something like the size of a Wii U controller then it wouldn't be putting it in your pocket mobile. It would probably be somewhere in the middle between putting a tablet in a fold up case and carrying around a small laptop. But there would also have to be some room for some carts and maybe some accessories. So, it seems like it would be more for playing on your couch, having your kids play it in a car, be easy to take to a friend's house, etc. but not something you can play everywhere like a phone.

    Downloading games and online multiplayer would likely require WIFI because I doubt you will get one a data plan. That makes it a little less mobile than a phone.

    I kind of wish it had two screens and was in 3D like a big ass 3DS.

    Would the controller halves have separate batteries than the tablet and if so would the tablet charge them or would they charge separately?

    Would the docking station require the tablet screen to be on it or would it link to it somehow to allow dual screen use?
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    Hey, remember how OUYA technically runs on mobile hardware, but can way outperform phones that use the same chipset due to it not running from a battery? My assumption is that NX runs in a low-power, low resolution mode while mobile, and ramps up the clock speed and resolution while docked. That's a way better solution than putting an extra CPU in the dock.
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    They're testing waters with pokemon go. They want to win the mobile phone games crowd. I see through their plans.
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    I for one am optimistic. If NX sinks like the Titanic, at least I can say I supported it. It may be Nintendo's Dreamcast, but I don't care. I love the Wii-U tablet and am glad they're refining it. With powerful ARM X2 that blows away the Wii-U's dated PowerPC processor and even rivals the PS4, I will be waiting with open arms. Love the tablet. Embrace NX...

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    Like the Wii U previously, Eurogamer has been told that Nintendo isn't chasing graphical parity, but attempting to offer something different to the current console selection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaufenpreis View Post
    Like the Wii U previously, Eurogamer has been told that Nintendo isn't chasing graphical parity, but attempting to offer something different to the current console selection.
    And I am fine with this. Current gen's obsession with polygon pushing is just absurd. It's like the bit wars all over again. Games have had great looking graphics since the Game Cube era and one could argue actual gameplay innovations have progressed very little since then. Look at the evolution of PS and Xbox controllers and tell me it ain't stagnant. At least Nintendo does something different each gen. With the dudebro consoles it's all about FPS rehashes and polygon counts.

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    Who else thinks that the Nintendo Switch looks a little bit OUYA-ish?
    Especially when I saw pictures with different colors... the main controller has a certain OUYA look...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeha View Post
    Who else thinks that the Nintendo Switch looks a little bit OUYA-ish?
    Especially when I saw pictures with different colors... the main controller has a certain OUYA look...
    Was it the offset analog sticks or the matte black and gray colors in the controller? At least it has Start + Select buttons...

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